Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus – patience, materialism, accumulation

Mercury in Taurus has a certain influence on the thinking, communication, wealth of the individual, in the natal chart of whom it exists. Transit Mercury in Taurus affects absolutely all people, their behavior and relationships. Taurus is an earth sign, hedonist and gourmet, measured and stubborn. Let’s take a look at how Mercury behaves in combination with such energies.

Mercury in Taurus in the natal chart – thinking

Taurus rewards man with a certain inhibition and conservatism. Accordingly, Mercury in Taurus in the natal chart makes the personality’s thinking slow and careful. Such people rarely change their opinions, remain faithful to their convictions. Sadly, even if they are already outdated and outlived.

They think in a practical, thorough, long-term manner. Consistent, patient, have an excellent memory, but learn new things with difficulty. Bustling and multitasking confuse them. Mercury in Taurus takes time to think. They are logicians and materialists, who regard any information from the point of view of their own advantage.

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Mercury in Taurus in the natal chart – communication

In communication, the person with Mercury in Taurus is mostly silent and tongue-tied. So, he does not like to argue, to take part in empty talk. However, if the question relates to his personal advantage, such a person will be able to calmly and consistently argue his case.

Carefully selects words for the most appropriate language. Polite, gallant, admires the beauty of objects of art and the opposite sex. He likes people with a good sense of humor, although he does not joke often. The main problem in communication can be stubbornness and intolerance for opinions that differ from his own. However, such a person will not make a scandal. Taurus would prompt him to keep quiet and withdraw.

Mercury in Taurus SWOT
Mercury in Taurus SWOT Analysis 🙂

Wealth in the natal chart

In the natal chart, Mercury in Taurus gives a person great chances for material well-being. Firstly, he has an innate sense of profitable projects, and secondly – patience and determination for their implementation. Such a person is able to methodically and persistently move toward his goal, no matter what. He does not give in to emotions, it is difficult to deceive him.

Able to accumulate large funds through practicality and some stinginess. This is a good, responsible worker with organizational skills, the team respects him. He is often engaged in one business all his life, becoming a true master. Can succeed in the industries of beauty, art, jewels.

Transit Mercury in Taurus

But, even if in your natal chart, Mercury is in another zodiac sign, the transit Mercury in Taurus gives you the opportunity to take advantage of its gifts. During such periods, the routine work goes well, which is so often the reason for success. People do not make mistakes in calculations and reports, they are able to patiently and meticulously fulfill their duties.

We all become more practical and cautious. Transit Mercury in Taurus will help in transactions involving a big money. For example, buying a property. You will be able to recognize fraudulent acts and scams on time and make a really good deal.

People, in general, are becoming calmer. Taurus minimizes conflicts. On the other hand, under the influence of this transit, it is difficult for us to express our emotions, therefore it is better not to start heart-to-heart talks. Spend this time working on your long-term goals, thinking about important decisions. Then you will extract the maximum benefit from this transit.

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