Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Aries – sharp mind and fiery speeches

Mercury in Aries, like the position of any planet in one of the zodiac signs, influences the character (in the natal chart) and the behavior (during transit) of people. Mercury is responsible for our thinking, communication with others, information, trade, and travel. Aries is a fire sign, fast, ambitious, expressive. Let’s look at what this combination gives us.

Mercury in Aries in the natal chart – thinking

If we see Mercury in Aries in the person’s natal chart, it is safe to say that he has a quick and sharp mind. He is extremely clever at processing information, often energetic and active. Such a Mercury endows a person with observation, resourcefulness, allows to combine creative thinking with self-organizing skills. A person loves to learn and consumes information in huge quantities.

However, such intensity of thought can result in hasty conclusions, hyperbolization of problems, impulsivity, and conflict. Often, Mercury in Aries turns people into sarcastic critics, contributes to the development of excessive suspicion, frequent changes of opinions.

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Mercury in Aries in the natal chart – communication

It is all about the expressive speakers giving fiery speeches. And it does not matter whether a person speaks to a million people or just communicates with a friend with a cup of tea. Mercury in Aries is in charts of the best debaters, politicians, lawyers. Such a person has both irony and a sense of humor, and the ability to find arguments in their favor in any situation. Can be merciless and quite cruel in words, if he needs to defend his case.

Such a person perceives almost any communication as an opportunity to convince others of the correctness of their own ideas. And, admittedly, very often he manages this thanks to the excitement, the ability to improvise and the quickness of the mind.

Mercury in Aries can be shown negatively in excessive self-confidence. It is hard for such a person to recognizes the mistakes and asks for forgiveness. In addition, he hasn’t respect for his promise. To avoid such problems in communication, a person with Mercury in Aries should choose a field of activity in which he can reach his full potential.

Mercury in Aries SWOT
Mercury in Aries SWOT Analysis 🙂

Wealth in the natal chart – wealth

Mercury is one of the planets responsible for money and wealth since it has been considered the patron of merchants since ancient times. If we see Mercury in Aries in the natal chart, a person has all the chances to become a successful entrepreneur, intermediary, and sales manager. Innate flair for promising, innovative niches, projects, tools will help him in any business.

Moreover, Mercury in Aries makes a person flexible, active, energetic, greedy for knowledge. All this, coupled with an amazing oratorical talent contributes to the successful conclusion of transactions in the trade of any kind.

Mercury in Aries Transit

Even if Mercury is placed in another zodiac sign in your natal chart, Mercury in Aries transit influences your behavior, communication with people, trade, and travel. Of course, it is important to pay attention to what aspects it creates – positive or negative. However, this is a topic for a separate post. Now we look at the main trends.

During the transit of Mercury in Aries, people often begin to communicate more, share ideas and problems. Aries can prompt even a modest person to intervene in someone else’s conversation. To express their opinion in a peremptory tone, as the only true one. We can lecture and criticize each other.

This is a time of rallies, inspired speeches, presentations, sales, motivational training. Suitable for brokers, journalists, politicians.

It is important to remain calm, as the atmosphere during the transit of Mercury in Aries can heat up. The number of conflicts and clashes on the street, in line, in public transport is increasing. You should remember that all the people around you experience this transit’s effect. And, not everyone is able to cope with it. Therefore, try not to take to heart other people’s impulsive statements and actions.

During this period, spontaneous travel is possible. With favorable aspects of Mercury they’ll be successful. In general, the time of Mercury in Aries can be very productive if you put your energy in the right direction. Focusing on routine matters will be quite hard. So, better use it to infect others with your ideas.

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