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Moon Phases Infographic – all 8 phases of the Moon

Moon phases is a phenomenon that is easy to observe in the night sky with the naked eye. Perhaps that is why our ancestors paid attention to the cyclical change of the Moon’s shape and invented the lunar calendar a long time ago. In this article, we will look at the 8 phases of the moon, their features and names.

Moon phases and the lunar cycle

The time it takes the Moon to go through all its phases is approximately 29.5 days. The span from one new moon to the next is called the lunar month, or lunar cycle. This cycle has its own day, different from our usual. The lunar day begins with the moon rising and ends with its next rising.

Usually, there are 4 key points in the lunar cycle: New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Third Quarter. Most often, these points fall on the 29th, 8th, 15th and 22nd days of the lunar month.

Moon phases infographic

Moon phases infographic will help you understand the names and meanings of all 8 phases of the Moon.

moon phases infographic

So, the Moon in the period from New Moon to Full Moon is called Waxing. The area of ​​the illuminated surface of its disk increases all the time. If you do not have a Moon calendar, you can determine the Waxing moon by its appearance: it will resemble the letter “P”.

Waning moon is like the letter “C”, which is getting thinner every day. This means that the Full Moon has passed, and the New Moon has not yet arrived.

Further, Waxing and Waning Moon periods are divided into 2 parts. If more than half of the lunar disk is lit, then it is a Gibbous. If the part glowing in the sky is less than half a circle, it is a Crescent.

Moon phases and their effects on humans

Moon phases have a great influence on people. Our emotions, mood, health, behavior with other people can change under the influence of the moon phase. Moreover, even lunar days within one phase can have a different character.

Each moon phase, each lunar day may be favorable for certain cases and unfavorable for others. Thus, the moon affects all sphears of our life: health, relationships, beauty, business, household.

In order to find out for what activities a particular period of the lunar cycle is favorable, use our Moon Calendar:

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