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Waxing Crescent, or the lunar spring – features and tips

Waxing crescent is the Moon phase, which comes after a New Moon and lasts until the First Quarter (the time when half of the lunar disk is lit). Usually, this period lasts about a week, takes the first 7 lunar days.

If you do not have a Moon calendar, you can identify a waxing crescent with the naked eye – it looks like the letter “P” if you add a wand to it. In addition, less than half of the lunar disk shines in the night sky.

Waxing crescent – lunar spring (1st-7th lunar days)

Waxing crescent phase is also called the lunar spring. You, probably, have already noticed that the whole lunar cycle can be divided into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Or – childhood, youth, maturity, old age.

The characteristics of the phase are very similar to the characteristics of the season or period of human life. Spring and childhood – periods of active internal action. The buds on the trees swell from the inside, the child is formed as a person. This is the time of laying the foundation, training, planning future actions.

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waxing crescent phase

What to do in different spheres of life on the Waxing crescent

Waxing crescent is a great time to set up your bullet journal. Create a log for a month, decide on goals, decide what new habits you want to develop, what to get rid of, what desires to realize.

The body at this time is still weakened after the new moon. Do you know how people in areas with cold winters suffer from beriberi in spring? So, the waxing crescent is a great time to start a course of vitamins intake, to diagnose the state of health. So far you should not have the hard workouts, but you can choose a gym, a trainer or make a training plan for the entire lunar month.

During the waxing crescent phase, it is good to think about changing the image, buy new cosmetics and clothes. In love, you should take the time to talk, develop a common plan for the future. If you are going to learn something new, you need to decide on the courses and make a list of books. In business, during a waxing crescent, it is good to make a strategy, set goals, analyze the market, introduce new methods of work.

In the household it is also a good time for a change. You can make a design layout for future repairs, or just make a schedule of household duties for family members. New habits are well developed on the waxing crescent, and you can use the help of the Moon to teach your children their morning and evening routines.

Remember that on the waxing crescent the power of thought and the power of words reach a peak. Therefore, think and speak positive!

First Quarter – the result of action on the waxing crescent

If you do everything correctly in the first 7 days of the lunar cycle, the 8th lunar day will delight you. This is the time of the First Quarter phase, a kind of rebirth point, the transition to a new level. You will feel a surge of strength, and you will have a second chance for any affairs that you have not managed before. However, it is important to use new approaches and to be open-minded.

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