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New Moon candle magic rituals – rules and features

New Moon candle magic is a significant part of your manifesting intentions ritual. The New Moon is the starting point of the new lunar cycle, so it’s these days that we make wishes, set goals and ask the Moon for support in achieving them in the next 29 days. For a complete ritual, you will need crystals, herbs, oils, cards, pens, and a notebook. But today let’s talk about candles – magic items used by witches of all times and places.

Why candles have special power these days?

During all the magical rituals, we call upon the forces of nature and ask them to help us. After all, there is no power in the world greater than the power of elements, stars, and planets. Candles most clearly embody the element of fire. And it harmonizes so much with the New Moon’s mood.

After all, its key characteristics are the purifying from the negative of the past (dark moon) and the creation of the future (the new moon itself). And fire does it, destroys and purifies, excites and symbolizes creative energy.

New Moon candle magic, part one: Purifying

I advise you to divide your New Moon candle magic into two separate rituals. On the dark moon day (the 29th day of the lunar cycle) use a black candle to get rid of all unnecessary and protect against the negative. You should combine this ritual by throwing out unnecessary things, thoughts, and sensations.

You can first declutter your house, take a bath to cleanse and relax the body. Then, write on paper everything bad, what you want to get rid of, and burn it along with a black candle. If you have things and objects from which you feel negative energy, burn them too.

Ask Moon for help. As she disappeared from the night sky, let all negative, anxiety, other people’s bad energies disappear from your life. And during the coming lunar month, you will be protected from the negative effects of any kind.

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New Moon candle magic, part two: Manifesting intentions

The ritual of intentions manifestation is best carried out on the 1st day of the lunar cycle. By the way, be careful, because sometimes there is the 30th lunar day for several hours. At this time, it is better to just relax or do something good for other people. And only on the 1st lunar day, you can wish, visualize and ask for the Moon’s support in the implementation of your own plans.

As part of this ritual is great to use the candle magic. Remember, fire is the creative energy. And if you add some herbs and gems to your candle, you add to the fertile power of the earth to the fire’s creativity. For this ritual, you can choose a candle of the color that best suits your intentions.

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Candle magic depending on its color

Use white candle to resolve conflicts and establish peace, treat physical and mental ailments, atone for guilt.

Brown – to find the lost things, for the pets health and home’s blessings (it is useful to bless the house on a new moon).

Orange – for opening new opportunities, enhancing ambitions and creativity, solving legal issues.

Purple – the development of intuition, getting rid of bad habits (it is better to use on a waning moon), the acquisition of power and wisdom.

Yellow – improving memory, developing intelligence, learning something new, optimism.

Pink – to find and preserve love, friendship, strengthen your femininity, give and receive care.

Green – for good health, growth and development of anything, scaling business projects, increasing income, achieving financial independence, attracting good luck.

Blue – to be more concentrated, to forgive someone, or to receive forgiveness, to know the truth, to feel peace.

Red – to strengthen the passion between partners, to achieve career advancement, for active fearless actions.

Golden – for wealth and prosperity, power and success, the energy of the sun.

Silver – to establish harmony with yourself, to better know, understand and accept yourself. By the way, silver candles symbolize the energy of the Moon.

New Moon candle magic Rules

There are several rules on how to work with candles – not only within the framework of new moon candle magic but in general.

Firstly, it is important to use candles from natural materials: wax or soy. It is best, of course, to make a candle with your own hands, at least partially. Because when we do something DIY, we put our energy into it. And when we buy something ready-to-use, we do not know what energy manufacturers have invested in it. And even if these are good energies, why do we need other people’s feelings and thoughts?

Secondly, be sure to burn the candle completely. To do this, choose small candles so that they burn for 1-3 hours. You should stay near the candle all the time during which it burns. If the candle goes out, light it again. As soon as it burns down completely and it will be impossible to light it, collect the remains and bury it in the ground. If you want to keep yourself a candlestick, to use it again, clean it immediately after the ritual.

Thirdly, watch your thoughts and feelings when you use the new moon candle magic! On the New Moon, your power of thought reaches its maximum! Everything you think will come true! Think positive and put kind energy in your rituals. Happy lunar month to you 🙂

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