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Moon Yoga infographic – moon salutation practice

Moon yoga, when properly performed, helps us to tune in to the flow of lunar energy. The moon has a powerful influence on our lives – especially on what happens in our inner world. But isn’t the outer just a reflection of the inner? If you manage to restore order within yourself, get rid of unnecessary thoughts, negative emotions, and tensions, your material life will also improve.

We have all heard of the sun salutation practice, and it is certainly also very useful. The sun is responsible for our vitality, body energy, manifestations in the outside world. However, if the daily sun salutation is supported by the moon salutation practice, the effect will be much better.

When is the best time to do moon yoga

Moon yoga is best done on the new moon and full moon phases. On the new moon, perhaps, the salutation is most relevant, because the lunar disk is just beginning to appear in the night sky. Having completed the moon salutation practice on the first day of the lunar cycle, you are laying a solid energy foundation for the entire next lunar month.

At full moon, the energy of the Earth’s satellite reaches its peak, so it is easier to tune in with it, establish harmony and enlist the support of the night light. Being engaged in moon yoga on the 15th day of the lunar cycle, you can more easily feel you are the part of lunar energy, get rid of fatigue, apathy, inner emptiness.

Moon yoga infographic

Of course, yoga is not just an exercise for the body. It is very important to breathe properly and keep track of your thoughts. It is useful to visualize the moon, its light, to feel how it flows through your body, turning you into a part of this energy. In each pose, it is desirable to take three deep breaths. In the infographic below you can see the order of the poses in the moon salutation practice:

moon yoga infographic

Deciphering of the moon yoga poses

Mountain Namaste

We start moon yoga in the pose of the Mountain with a gesture of namaste. Just in case, I remind you that this gesture means “I respect the divine essence in you.” It is important to understand this phrase and put the corresponding meaning in the pose. The very pose of Mountain means strength and confidence. Try to imagine that you are a mountain. Would you worry about the things that make you nervous today?

Crescent Moon

Synchronize yourself with the mood of the moon, taking the pose of its crescent. Besides the fact that this posture strengthens muscles and is very useful for the health of the body, it is also important for our spirituality. It repeats in the moon salutation practice not for nothing. By portraying the cyclical nature of a phase change, we are deeply aware that all in life pass and everything develops in a spiral.


This posture is rightly considered soothing and relaxing. Be mindful, make it so that it relaxes not only your body but also your thoughts. In addition, the Gorilla contributes to the development of the flexibility of our body and mind. Flexibility is the most important trait for survival. When the hard things break, the flexible ones only bend.

Half Moon

The key word of this moon yoga pose is a balance. During the lunar quarter, exactly half of the lunar disk is illuminated, and the other half remains in darkness. It is very important for a person to keep a balance – between different areas of life, between the beautiful and the ugly, between darkness and light. That is wisdom.

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Downward Dog

Dogs take this posture when they are happy and contented. In addition, this posture is a call for communication, play, interaction. Feel puppy’s naughtiness. Invite the moon to play with you, freely and joyfully, as dogs do.

Low Plank

Low plank symbolizes the power of the earth. The Earth is our support in the literal sense, its energy supports life in us. By the way, this is the earth who holds the moon, and not vice versa. Merging with the lunar energy together, we thank the earth for its strength and power.


This posture of moon yoga again reminds us of the importance of flexibility and also the fact that we need to boldly face all that life gives us.


It allows you to feel protected, in a cozy cradle, which the energy of life sways. Sometimes it is important to let go of control and surrender to the will of something bigger than ourselves. You should strive to this feeling in this pose of the moon salutation practice.

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