number 1 in numerology

Number 1 in numerology

Number 1 in numerology has an obvious meaning. This first number symbolizes the beginning of something new, all related to innovations, dominance, leadership, and uniqueness.

number 1 in numerologyKeywords: Individuality, Leadership, Start, Innovation
Element: Fire
Stone: Aquamarine, Angelite, Seraphinite, Smoky Quartz
Planet: Mars
Zodiac: Leo

If at some period of your life you stumble over the number 1 everywhere, it means that the universe requires you to take decisive and brave actions. And these actions should be directed to a fundamentally new channel for you. It’s time for dramatic changes, and if you take a step to them, you will find your happiness. In addition, the number 1 in numerology is responsible for all the unique and original. With this number, the world pushes you to declare yourself boldly, to demonstrate your unique ideas. You must take the initiative, become a leader of the situation for a while. Enough to keep aloof or be led.

home number 1 numerology

Number 1 in numerology – home, work, love

Number 1 in the address where you live or work, creates a certain atmosphere in this place. It gives residents determination and initiative, provokes the emergence of innovative ideas. This is the home of passionate inventors, creatives, leaders, the competitive spirit is in the air all the time. And all this is very cool, but conflicts are not rare in this situation. Use the energy of house number wisely, be more tolerant towards your relatives and colleagues.

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Number 1 also affects the love affairs. If your relationship started on the 1st day of the month, in building number 1, or in any other way associated with this number, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of its character. It is possible that these relations are sent to you from above as a “launch” button for starting your new life. With such a love, cardinal changes come – moving to another country, changing the type of activity and so on. If your partner encourages you to change something, do it! However, note that 1 is a single number, lonely and independent. In your pair, tensions are possible because of the endless competition. Be a team and compete with the world, not with each other.

life path number 1 numerology

Number 1 in numerology – life path

If the sum of the digits of your birth date is 1, you are the leader and warrior by nature. You are born to be free, therefore it is not for you to be someone’s subordinate. Ideal work is a remote self-employed activity or a leading position in a company that considers it its mission to introduce new technologies and promote unique inventions.

Relationships are hard for you because they always mean unfreedom, dependence on a partner, the need to take into account someone else’s opinion and desire. Concentrate on the positive moments that your loved one gives you. If there are more advantages than disadvantages, learn to sacrifice your Ego.

Tip for people with the life path number 1: do not try to do everything at once. A road to the goal consists of the baby steps.

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