астропрогноз на февраль 2018

Astrology Forecast February 2018

The romantic fluids of planets in this February will melt the coldest hearts. We will have a month of love, flirtation, creativity, and beauty! Many new lovers will appear and many old ones will rise again. During this period you can meet your soul mate and walk with him to the wedding altar. Although each week will be endowed with its own special character, romance and sensuality will pass through it with a red thread.

Venus in February 2018Blame it on Venus! It is like a clever cupid, striking people’s hearts with the streams of its energy. In February 2018, this planet will create positive aspects with the Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter, awakening our passion, the wish for everything beautiful and sublime and the desire to get rid of loneliness. If you dream of finding your love, feel free to go looking for it in the upcoming month! And if you are already in a relationship, it’s time to rekindle the fire of feelings with a new force 😉

Astrology Forecast February 2018 – week 1

02/01 – 02/07
The first week of the month is suitable for active actions in business, the initiative, the approval of ideas and plans. Mercury-Mars Sextile will help in concluding deals and important contracts, increase the effectiveness of any work. Do not be afraid to shine in society, communicate and demonstrate your intellect a lot, and Venus-Uranus Sextile will give you popularity, fame, and recognition. And for those who will yield to the influence of the Venus-Jupiter Square and will be lazy, it will not be possible to achieve good results. Do not be lazy and communicate!

Astrology Forecast for week 2

02/08 – 02/14
Don’t worry, the time for rest will come very soon. The second week of February is a period when it is better to postpone the important matters. Venus-Mars Square and Mercury-Jupiter Square make us too impulsive and inattentive. Plan deals and important decisions for the next seven days, and now take time to creativity, improve your skills, spend time with your lovers and friends, entertain. Mercury-Venus Conjunct will give material and moral support from loved ones to anyone who has them. Go on dates, arrange surprises for your soulmate, visit beautiful places, enjoy art. Relax, flirt and play!

Astrology Forecast February 2018

Astrology Forecast February 2018 – week 3

02/15 – 02/21
The third week of the month is favorable only for those actions that were planned in advance. Mars-Neptun and Sun-Mars Squares intensify aggression, rashness and extravagance in people. It is better not to take spontaneous decisions and not make impulsive purchases. However, if every step you take is thought out, you will be able to reach new heights in this period with the support of the Mars-Sun and Mercury-Saturn Sextiles. The planets will give you extra energy, perseverance, and endurance, contributing to progress in any business. And do not forget about romance and intimacy! Venus-Neptune Conjunction will help to use imagination in love and receive in return even more affection.

Astrology Forecast for week 4

02/22 – 02/28
The last week of this February favors everything connected with interaction, partnership, cooperation. This is the period of the conclusion of fruitful unions, both in personal life and business. Mars-Venus and Venus-Pluto Sextiles insist on interaction, and they do not like unsociable people. Venus-Jupiter Trine will encourage all, who have tied up and developed relationships, with unexpected gifts, luck, and the new prospects. Interact and collaborate!

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