number 7 in numerology

Number 7 in numerology

Number 7 in numerology is a symbol of solitude, philosophical search, mysticism, inner growth. This mysterious number is very intellectual and non-communicative, penetrates into the essence of things and phenomena, like an insane scientist.

number 7 in numerology meaningKeywords: Search, Austerity, Philosophy, Silence
Element: Water
Stone: Fluorite, Rose Quartz, Labradorite
Planet: Moon
Zodiac: Cancer

If you constantly stumble upon the number 7, it’s time to protect yourself from noisy companies. You need to be alone with yourself, nature and books. To hear the voice of your own heart, the voices of the universe, to understand the meaning of its processes. 7 pushes you to a spiritual and scientific search. Mountains of Tibet or the local library – it does not matter, the main thing is to search in silence and loneliness. When you acquire the necessary knowledge, your whole life will change for the better.

Number 7 emphasizes that you must learn. Bring in your life strategic planning, analyze the facts, develop critical thinking. In addition, it will be useful to start meditating and use a dream diary or even a regular diary. Writing is a great way of self-discovery.

home number 7 numerology

Number 7 in numerology – home, work, love

Number 7 as the number of the house where you live or work, will necessarily positively affect your intellect. Scientists, philosophers, curious and greedy for knowledge people live in this place. Children who grew up in the house number 7 love to learn; companies with the office 7 are constantly developing and using the newest methods in business. A lot of books and scribbled notebooks – evidence of scientific research – are permanent residents of house number 7. But don’t expect for the guests, no one is happy with parties in such a place. An exception is the meeting of the discussion club participants.

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If your relationship with a loved one started on the 7th or at building number 7, they bear the seal of a mysticism and a mystery. Definitely, your love is sent to you both as a lesson. You have to teach each other, to demonstrate a different view of the world. Your feelings are mostly intellectual – and that’s not bad at all. But do not be surprised at the lack of sexual passion or warmth. It’s also unlikely that you will be able to show real care for each other. These relationships can be very durable, but more like a friendly partnership than romantic.

life path number 7 numerology

Number 7 in numerology – life path

Sum up all the digits of your date of birth. If the total is 7, this is your life path number. You are a very inquisitive person with a sharp and precise mind. You will like the work with technology, mathematics, physics. It is necessary to constantly study. Performing actions on autopilot you will quickly feel bored. In addition, you love independence and travel, and working for someone on a strict schedule can be difficult.

You are not a master in interpersonal relationships, are not prone to empathy. Your relatives may feel cold and lonely around you. Use words to let them know that you love them.

Tip for people with the life path number 7: Give your mind the food and freedom!

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