лунный календарь секса на октябрь 2017

Sexual life lunar calendar October 2017

A wonderful companion of the Earth, the Moon, is the ruler of the emotional sphere in human life. Who, if not her, be a connoisseur of relationship?

Each day of the lunar cycle has its own character, habits, rules. Every lunar day helps us to reveal certain qualities in us, helps us in some actions and hinders in others. Try to synchronize your intimate affinity with the lunar cycle! You’ll understand what it really means – to live in harmony.

Sexual life lunar calendar October 2017 – favorable days

In the table below, we have collected recommendations for every day of October 2017. So, in the lunar cycle there are days that are unfavorable for any sexual contacts. Such lunar days, at the junction of the phase change, have the high emotional voltage. There are such lunar days, in which boring sex is banned. It is worth giving vent to fantasy and embarking on bold experiments! And there are days in which it is better to make love, to give your partner tenderness, admiration, support. Sexual life lunar calendar October 2017 will help you to diversify your sexual life and bring something new to it 😉

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Sexual life lunar calendar October 2017

Sexual life lunar calendar October 2017

(“+” favorable days, “-” unfavorable)

10/1 + spontaneous, extravagant sex
10/2 + spiritual, exalted
10/3 + innovative, active, exotic
10/4 + sex in new places
10/5 + energetic, assertive, active sex with no frills
10/6 - sex
10/7 + tantric sex on the nature
10/8+ calm, slow sex, oral sex
10/9 - sex
10/10+ calm, ordinary
10/11+ active, energetic, creative
10/12+ games with food
10/13 - sex
10/14+ continuous, calm sex
10/15+ unhurried sex in the water
10/16 - sex
10/17+ the first sexual contact of a person / couple, sex for the child conception
10/18+ delicate, romantic
10/19 - sex
10/20+ festive, interesting, original
10/21+ extreme sex in new positions
10/22 - sex
10/23+ simple, relaxing, calm, healing
10/24+ erotic massage
10/25+ gentle, with the love words
10/26+ unhurried foreplay, more compliments, reading erotic literature
10/27 - sex
10/28 - sex
10/29 + festive sex
10/30 + spontaneous, extravagant
10/31 + spiritual, exalted

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