The 6 Major Benefits of Changing the Air Filter

The HVAC system is responsible for the air quality in your home. A crucial component of the air conditioning system is the air filter.

The air filter is responsible for decontaminating the air that passes through your air conditioning system. It traps pollutants like a sieve and prevents them from going into the air ducts which would damage the HVAC unit and reduce the air quality in your home.

The air filter gets dirty and contaminated as a result of collecting contaminants over time. The level and type of contamination will depend on what enters the system. You should change it regularly as there are many benefits to doing so such as:

Cleaner and Healthier Air

The most significant benefit of changing the air filters on your HVAC unit has to be cleaner air. There are far reaching benefits to breathing clean air as opposed to air with impurities. These benefits will affect all areas of your life.

One of them is that you avoid all the respiratory diseases that may arise due to bacteria in the air. Some of these diseases last a lifetime like asthma while there are others that can be deadly like bronchitis.

Cleaner air is especially great for avoiding allergies. The many contaminants in dirty air such as mold and pollen are strong allergic triggers.

Your immunity will be improved and you will also have better aerobic capacity. The list of benefits of breathing clean air is quite long.

Increase the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

The air that passes through the air filters and into your HVAC system has a significant effect on the state of the unit. One of the functions of an air filter is to prevent debris from entering the ducts of the HVAC system.

If large debris enters the HVAC unit, it can compromise its integrity by damaging the constituent parts. If the damage is extensive enough, it may shut down the system and require heavy maintenance work. In other cases, it may require you to replace the entire unit.

Your HVAC system should last for at least a decade. If the air passing through the air filter and into the ducts is clean, it can last up to twice that long.

Reduces Odors

Our noses are sensitive appendages and we can smell foul odor in the air even when they are not very strong. On the other hand, most of us often underuse our sense of smell. Despite that, if you constantly smell odors inside your home, it may be due to a damaged HVAC system.

One of the major benefits of replacing air filters regularly is that it helps capture odors before they reach the inside of your home. That is why you need to make the right decision when buying air filters. An air filter with small pores can prevent a significant amount of bad smells.

As you know, living inside a house with foul smelling air is impossible. You may be able to tolerate it for a while but after some time a change will be necessary. Fresh, clean air is something you need and can get by regularly changing your filters.

Saves Money

A HVAC system with run down air filters is very inefficient. It uses substantially more energy to perform the tasks it would otherwise perform.

An inefficient air conditioning unit means higher energy bills from the utility company. In the long run, it can cost you quite a sum of money.

The poor state of your air filters may lead to more significant damage of the HVAC unit requiring more repairs. The repairs are a significant maintenance cost in the long term as opposed to simply changing your filters.

Environmentally Friendly

Given the state of our planet, we all have a responsibility to be friendly to the environment. Regularly changing your HVAC unit’s air filters can help you do that.

When your air filters are old and clogged, then your HVAC systems work a lot harder to ensure that there is clean air in your house. That means that it is inefficient and it consumes more energy.

The more energy is consumed, the more fossil fuels are burned and the more greenhouse gases are produced. Therefore, you should change your air filters as a friendly gesture towards the environment.

Keep Others Safe

You probably have friends and family who regularly visit your home. Some may even stay with you for weeks or months at a time.

If your air filters compromise the integrity of your HVAC system, then you will be putting them at peril. They may end up suffering from a respiratory disease which is potentially deadly.

It is your responsibility to keep your loved ones safe by having clean, fresh air in your home. Changing the air filters is part of the responsibility.

Those are six of the major benefits you can expect from regularly changing your air filters and maintaining your HVAC system. You cannot put a price on some of these benefits. Therefore, the cost is well worth the trouble.

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