Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer – impulses from the subconscious

Mars in Cancer is a rather difficult position of an active planet in a sensitive water sign. Mars is responsible for the quality and quantity of our life energy and how we use it. Cancer is a very emotional, intuitive Zodiac Sign that values โ€‹โ€‹safety, traditions, home, and family above all the rest. Let’s take a closer look at how Mars in Cancer affects humans and all of us during the corresponding transit.

What kind of fuel is in your tanks?

Despite popular belief, Mars is not only a positive but also a vital planet. They say we should blame it for violence, aggression, war, and injuries. However, it is Mars that gives us the ability to act, develop, achieve results. This planet fills our tanks with vital energy, the characteristics of which depend on the Zodiac Sign of Mars in the natal chart.

Sometimes the most important thing is not the quantity and quality of the fuel poured into the tanks of a car, but how the car uses it. In the case of Mars in Cancer, the situation is pretty tricky. Like fire and water, Mars and Cancer are not very friendly, which causes a kind of internal conflict. And although this position gives a person a large amount of energy, it can impulsively splash in unnecessary and unpredictable directions.

The motivation for the actions of such a person is intuition, subconsciousness, strong sensitivity. Cancer does not obey the laws of logic, that’s why his behavior can be unpredictable and incomprehensible to others. With extremely developed imagination, resentment, and a desire for security, he can become very anxious and vindictive. All these disturbances at the level of Mars materialize either into emotional, destructive actions or into psychosomatic diseases. Moreover, such a person easily becomes addicted and, under the influence of negative feelings, may start drinking or taking drugs.

However, not everything is so bad. A lot of beauty in the world was created under the influence of feelings and emotions. Also, if such a person pays attention to spiritual growth, he can show his best qualities. Tenderness, care, compassion inherent in it, in this case, will manifest itself in the active support of those in need, volunteering, charity.

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Self-realization with Mars in Cancer

As you may have guessed, the fuel in the tanks of this person is the senses and the subconscious. Add to this rich imagination, and we have an outstanding representative of the art world. If such a person revealed his inclination to this or that kind of art and developed it from childhood, he has every chance of success. The good news is that such professions do not require discipline and consistency. Having caught a wave of inspiration, Mars in Cancer can create a masterpiece that will provide him with money for many years to come.

Also, Mars in Cancer can be very empathic and show understanding and compassion for people. If the other aspects in the chart can balance his emotional swing, he can become an excellent teacher or psychologist.

It is also worth noting that the main values โ€‹โ€‹of Cancer are family, traditions, home. Most likely, a person with such a position of Mars will spend more time and energy on household issues than on a career. And there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has his own inclinations and preferences. When it comes to home, Mars in Cancer can show a huge reserve of energy and tirelessly engage in cleaning, renovation, interior design, or work on relationships with family members.

Mars in Cancer transit
SWOT analysis of Mars in Cancer ๐Ÿ™‚

Mars in Cancer for a man – sexuality

The position of Mars in the natal chart is also responsible for masculinity, a manifestation of male sexuality. In the classical, conventional sense, the sign of Cancer can hardly be called masculine. However, we do not think in stereotypes, do we? Male sexuality doesn’t have to be extremely rude and brutal. In the case of Mars in Cancer, we are dealing with a vulnerable, sensitive, deeply emotional man. And it is these emotions that make him a sexually attractive and passionate lover. His sexuality lives in the heart… or the subconscious ๐Ÿ™‚

If such a man ties his life with you, and you give him a sense of security, he will love you madly. He will surround you with care, tenderness, adoration, and will always be faithful to you. Such a man is ready to do anything to preserve the important relationship. He can often show sacrifice, act in a subordinate role, and even be completely dependent on a partner in every sense of the word.

On the other hand, if you inadvertently offend him or give a reason for jealousy, expect completely unpredictable impulsive behavior. Or, even worse, he may remember the resentment for years and quietly make a plan of hidden revenge. In general, do not offend a man with Mars in Cancer. Remember that he is very sensitive, and perhaps this is why you fell in love with him.

Mars in the natal chart of a woman – your perfect man

In a woman’s natal chart, Venus is responsible for her sexuality. But Mars speaks of the type of man that this woman considers attractive. If you have Mars in Cancer, you value the ability to have deep feelings. You need a person who will appreciate the family, home comfort, take care of the safety of beloved people. In other words, cold-blooded careerists don’t turn you on ๐Ÿ™‚

To seduce you, a man needs to show sincere participation, the ability to listen to you and sympathize with you. An impulsive, passionate temperament will also be an advantage. Perhaps you tend to take a dominant position in a relationship and looking for a partner who is ready to do anything for you.

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Transit Mars in Cancer

The influence of the transit Mars in Cancer is felt by all people in the world. Cancer energies increase the level of receptivity, sensitivity, and resentment. On the one hand, this can help strengthen relations, but on the other hand, the opposite is true. The focus of all people in the world is shifting to family relationships and household chores. In the best case, Mars in Cancer pushes us to make repairs, general cleaning, and create new family traditions. At worst, we are sucked in by domestic problems, household appliances break down, family members create problems for each other and quarrel.

I can give only one tip here: it is better to consciously take time for family and home before problem situations force you to do it. After all, these areas of life are really very important, and what is important requires our attention.

Moreover, during this transit, we all become more cautious and distrustful. It can interfere with the establishment of new relationships, but there is one big plus in this. At such a time, it is difficult to deceive us, to invite us to a dangerous adventure. It can be very helpful when making big deals and purchases.

This transit is suitable for starting various business projects. If the participants feel safe, such a project will grow slowly but steadily, and one day it will pose a real threat to competitors ๐Ÿ™‚

But with the negative aspects of Mars, people can feel their vulnerability, danger to themselves and their loved ones, and fall into a real panic. So, keep calm and use all planetary aspects to your advantage!

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