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The Creator’s Eye – agate magical properties

Agate is a common mineral on our planet, which has many varieties. The cut of a layered stone is similar to the eye – in part, therefore it is called “The Creator’s Eye”. According to legend, the Creator, turning into a white eagle, fought with an evil sorcerer. During the battle, his eye fell to the ground, and after a time it petrified. Since then, agate lives among people. Its mission is to distinguish good deeds from evil ones. Agate magical properties resonate with this legend. This stone can cool down the ardor of negative emotions of a person, direct his energy into the channel of good and creation.

Agate is a mascot-gemstone of the 15 lunar day. At this time, our energy is so powerful that not everyone can control it. This means that agate gets the greatest power on the Full Moon day, and any rituals with it will be more effective at this time.

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Agate in the history of different cultures

Agate magical properties were used by people of different cultures for centuries. Thus, Egyptians with the help of this mineral protected their homes from thunderstorms. Romans increased the fertility of their fields. In hot arid countries, agate saved people from thirst.

People believed that agate can get rid of addictions like alcoholism and reduce fears. This stone helped children learn to walk. Indians harmonized the work of the root chakra with agate, and Tibetan monks strengthened their prayers with it.

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Different colors of agates

Different types of agates have their own characteristics. This applies to the healing properties of stones used by lithotherapists. The fact is that each color has its own radiation, which affects one or another human organ. Therefore, when choosing agate for yourself, pay attention to its coloration.

Black agate calms emotions, helps to get rid of depression. Helps the owner to win in competitions of any kind, including gambling.
White agate helps to remove toxins from the body and treat respiratory problems. To get rid of cough and tonsillitis, wear beads or an agate pendant.
Yellow agate normalizes the digestive system and patronizes the merchants. Helps in the conclusion of transactions, negotiations, attracts wealth.
Blue agate saves from osteochondrosis, thyroid diseases. Red normalizes the work of cardiovascular system.
Layered multicolor agates cure impotence and infertility, and also relieve any pain if you apply a pebble to a sore spot.

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Rules of work with agate

Agate can effectively turn negative energies into positive ones, but you need give it rest sometimes, removing from the body.

Interestingly, that agate magical properties are exacerbated if it is in a copper frame. The most energetically strong stones are the “eye agates”, with pronounced concentric layers. And, of course, it is important that the stone should be natural, without artificial coloring.

On the 15th lunar day, when our emotional state is unstable, even a small agate pebble can help! Do not miss this powerful magical time with the Moon Calendar:

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