Try These 4 Tips If You Want Your Home To Look More Luxurious

When it comes to making design choices for your home, it’s vital that you start with an awareness of the feeling you want to cultivate. You might want a home that is cozy; you might want one that feels clean and fresh—once you know what vibe you’re looking for, it becomes much easier to make decisions regarding furnishings, materials, and other design elements. The following will explore a few decor tips that you might want to keep in mind if you’re looking to create one feeling in particular: luxuriousness.

What Is Luxuriousness?

Luxury is a word that is often overused by copywriters because they realize that this term sells things, whether those things are luxurious or not. The term refers to things that are expensive and pleasant in an indulgent manner; it also implies an indication of wealth as a result of sumptuous living. If something is luxurious, it is likely expensive (or, at least, feels expensive). It is also decadent; this means that it goes above and beyond what is necessary.

Depending on your particular interests and preferences, luxury can mean a lot of different things. It might mean an over-the-top library where you can display all the books you’ve collected over the years, or it could refer to heated flooring in your bathroom, so your toes are never cold when you get up at night to use the toilet. Be sure to always return to the things you actually like when looking for ways to add a luxurious feeling to your space.

Lighting Is Vital

No matter how much money you put into a space, lighting is what is going to make it look glamorous or tacky. Maximize the presence of natural light (especially during the day) with large windows that have minimal elements filtering the sunlight. You might even want to place mirrors opposite windows in rooms with smaller windows to multiply the light you have.

You also want to make sure windows are cleaned regularly to help prevent a film of grime from muddying up the light that comes through your windows, dousing your home in a beautiful, vitamin-D-rich light. Beyond this, you want to be extra careful when selecting lightbulbs. A warm-toned bulb versus a cool-toned bulb can make a massive difference in whether your space looks its best. Typically, you’re looking for bulbs that properly mimic daylight as this is the light that is most flattering on people and objects.

Focus On The Raw Materials

A big part of luxurious design involves finding the right materials for your home. The wood, tiling, paneling, molding, and doors are all a part of this. Think about classic materials that have been indicators of an expensive home for generations, like marble and hardwood flooring, and see where these elements might fit into your home. You also need to compare the traditional materials with modern versions of them that might wear away more slowly, considering ease of luxury vinyl tile for high-moisture areas, for instance. There’s nothing luxurious about materials that can’t maintain their look due to wear and tear or high traffic.

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Don’t Overlook The Ceiling

When thinking about raw materials above, you probably considered flooring, furniture, siding, and molding. It’s important to also think about the ceiling. It’s the sort of thing you think you don’t notice, but you actually do. Architectural elements like beams or crown molding can have a brilliant impact on how luxurious your space feels. You can also consider grander lighting fixtures like chandeliers.

Infuse The Space With Life

When a space feels dead, it doesn’t feel fancy. Combat dead space by infusing your rooms with life. Including plants wherever the lighting allows is an excellent way to take your living conditions to the next level. Seek out flowers, vines, and even indoor trees to help create a sense of exotic expense. Not only are house plants beautiful, but they also increase the oxygen levels in the air in your home, which results in a better mood for everyone inside. Properly oxygenated air improves memory, concentration, mood, energy, and creativity. Luxurious spaces should feel good, shouldn’t they?

The above tips should help you increase the level of luxury in your home. It’s a good idea to physically touch materials or additions before you decide to include them in your home, as the texture is a huge component of how luxurious something feels. If you’re ordering online, simply check that there’s an appropriate return policy so you can send back anything that doesn’t feel like it would go in a French chateau in the Loire Valley.

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