1 lunar day

1 lunar day practices

1 lunar day is a short period at the beginning of the lunar cycle, start of the program for the entire subsequent month. This day is created for planning, dreaming, setting goals. Accordingly, 1 lunar day practices, for the most part, are devoted to the visualization of our wishes. However, before creating a wish map and sending our requests to the universe, it is necessary to clear the mind and the heart of an unnecessary load.

1 lunar day – Purification and Relaxation

Nothing new can come into our lives while we stubbornly hold on to the old things. It happens that the relationship with the person is already over, but in our brain, they still last. We conduct a mental dialogue with a former lover, constantly fueling him with our energy. And this person invisibly takes a place in our life – a place that should be liberated for a new love. The same goes for children’s complexes, negative attitudes, and beliefs. So, the widespread belief “money is evil”, takes the very place that should belong to your wealth. Let’s get rid of everything unnecessary on 1 lunar day with the help of breathing practice.

Liberation Breathing

Breathe slowly and deeply. Imagine a hateful attitude, emotion, belief in the form of a cloud of gray smoke and breathe it into your lungs. Getting into your body, the smoke clears and turns into a pink brilliant cloud. It symbolizes a new positive attitude, new relationships, and feelings. Do about 10 such breaths, focusing on turning a negative into a positive, the old into a new.

Magic Water

The element of the 1 lunar day, water, also helps to clear from the negative. You only need a shower with the water of pleasant temperature. Stand under his transparent streams and imagine how they wash away all the superfluous and unpleasant, purifying you from layers of negativity and alien energies. After washing, you shine like a pure crystal. Look at yourself in the mirror, smile and tie a smile on your head to carry it on your face for the rest of the day 🙂

Total body relaxation

Lie on your back, legs are apart, hands lie on the sides of the body with palms up. In yogis, such a pose is called “Shavasana”, or the pose of a dead man. This position contributes to the complete relaxation of the body and the soul purification. After all, the physical body is a kind of mirror of our thinner bodies, astral and mental. So, close your eyes and feel your body. In what parts the greatest tension lives? This tension symbolizes all negative feelings that interfere with the fulfillment of your desires. Our task now is to get rid of unnecessary emotions and beliefs along with bodily tension.

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Concentrate on each part of the body, each limb, the muscles of the face. “My right leg relaxes, the tension goes away, the muscles become soft … My right leg is completely relaxed, from the hip and to the fingertips …” By removing the tension, we release all unnecessary from our life. Take enough time to relax all the muscles of your body.

1 lunar day practices

1 lunar day – Visualization

Now when your thoughts are clean and the body relaxed, you can go directly to visualization. Start productively dreaming! 1 lunar day, like any other day of the cycle, has its own symbol. It is a candle, a lamp, a lantern. Meditation on the symbol of the day will help bring your desires to life.

Meditation of the day

Imagine the light source that you like most. You hold it in your hands – a large medieval torch / a dusty kerosene lamp / a candlestick in curly streams of wax. The main thing is the clean and warm light that it emits. You are standing in front of a heavy curtain behind which your future is hidden. Lift the dark fabric, look behind it. It is dark there, but the luminaire slowly begins to show a variety of subjects, scenes, sketches from the future of your dreams. Everything is collected here, all that you want, in the smallest details.

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Light up every nuance, consider it carefully. Mentally create a holistic plan to realizing your desires from the steps, see it in the light of your lamp, let the universe see it. Then, slowly lower the curtain. Now you know that you have the light that will help to carry out your plan. All that you dream about is waiting for you! You just need to go forward with love and faith.

Wish map

After a mental visualization, it is worth taking the first step to embody wishes in the material world. For this, we will create a wish map – a kind of collage of all those images that symbolize your dreams.

Wish map is a wheel (circle, cake) divided into segments. Each sector is one of the important spheres of your life, one of the roles that you play. So, in life there is health, beauty, family, work, traveling; and you are a mother, wife, beauty, employee, and so on. Now you need to spread all your dreams into these sectors. A trip to the nature reserve – to traveling, a day at the SPA – to beauty, a new post – to work… And it remains only to arrange all this on a large sheet of paper, using pictures from magazines and the Internet, colored pens and pencils.

Remember, the clearer you visualize your dreams on a 1 lunar day, the more likely they will come true during the next lunar cycle! And the lunar calendar will help to plan your goals from different spheres of life correctly:

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