2 lunar day

2 lunar day rituals & meditations

2 lunar day is a kind of the start of the lunar month, the beginning of the action, the embodiment of what was conceived yesterday. This is not yet active, hard work in the outside world, but not inaction. 2 lunar day symbolizes the Cornucopia, and it is closely related to all those gifts that the universe gives us. The most important thing on this day is to synchronize with this abundant flow and get cosmic energy and information. And then – to thank the world for the generous gifts.

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
Paulo Coelho

2 lunar day – Accept the gifts of the Universe

No desire is given to us without the strength to carry it out. Everything that we dream about is already prepared for us and is waiting for its time. After all, all living organisms on Earth are united into an integral energy system, a universal superconsciousness. And if a person has a dream, it is a dream of the Universe too. Moreover, the world will help you and give you everything. The main thing is to open your heart and accept this help.

Chakra breathing

Each human has 7 energy centers, chakras. Each of them has its own peculiarities: it corresponds to certain parts of the body and organs, has a special color, responsible for specific areas of life. The lower chakra receives energy from the earth, and then the streams rise upward, passing through the other centers. And the upper chakra, in turn, receives energy from outer space.

2 lunar day chakra breathing

So, sit in the lotus position, close your eyes, relax. Focus your inner gaze on the groin area. Here the Muladhara chakra lives, it is responsible for satisfying our basic needs, the right to live. Take a deep breath and feel how a powerful flow of red energy from below rushes into your Muladhara. She begins to shine in the red light. Feel its warmth in the groin and the coccyx area.

Take another deep breath. Together with the air, the energy rises from Muladhara to Swadhisthana. The second chakra begins to glow orange. This center is responsible for our sensuality, desires, pleasure from life. Next breath – and the energy rises in the yellow chakra Manipura, responsible for material prosperity and comfort in the house. Feel its warmth and light, raise energy in Anahata. It is green and responsible for the love and the ability to rejoice. The next breath activates Vishudha, the light blue center of our self-expression and realization in the external world. Another one – and now the blue Ajna is shining, which helps us to clearly see the true state of things and plan the future. The last breath, your energy rises to Sahasrara. Your crown opens like a door, and a stream of sparkling violet energy enters it from above. Sahasrara shines brightly, giving you the right to acquire inmost knowledge.

Sit for another couple of minutes, alternately concentrating on each chakra in your body, taking generous streams of energy from the earth and the cosmos.

Meditation of the day

Lie on your back, legs are slightly apart, hands lie along the trunk with the palms up. Close your eyes, relax. Imagine that you are somewhere in nature, in a calm and beautiful place. The blue sky and light white clouds are above you. Now, the sky opens and a cornucopia appears in it, filled with all the gifts you dream about. They pour directly on you, on your whole body… You can imagine money bills, diamonds, smiles, kisses, hearts. All that you really want, that you need.

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These gifts pour directly on you and fall into your skin as seeds fall into the ground. For example, every dollar germinates from your body as a tree with many new dollars. You easily receive the gifts from the Universe and multiply them as naturally as the earth turns a seed into a crop. Repeat this affirmation several times, continuing to visualize the cornucopia. Stand up, look at the mirror, stroke yourself on the head, continuing to stand under the flow of gifts. You deserve it.

2 lunar day rituals

2 lunar day practices

After meditative practices, we turn to rituals in the external world. On 2 lunar day, it is useful to:

  • work with the ground, as this is the element of this lunar days. You can plant indoor plants, take care of them, talk to them. Keep the soil in your palms, feel grateful for its fertility.
  • buy yourself something small, but expensive. Something that you think rich people use. A piece of refined soap, a unique kind of tea, a decorative candle. Then, washing with this soap / sipping tea / lighting a candle, enjoy and say to yourself: “I deserve it!”
  • write a letter to the Universe with gratitude for everything it gives you. Try to make a big list, remember childhood, youth, nowadays. Why are you grateful to the world? Write it down! 🙂

Remember! The clearer you visualize your dreams on a 2 lunar day, the more likely they will come true during the next lunar cycle! And the lunar calendar will help to plan your goals from different spheres of life correctly:

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