10 lunar day

10 lunar day family practices

10 lunar day is the most familial in the lunar cycle. This is a day of strengthening the clan ties, the fusion of the families, the veneration of traditions and the creation of new ones. Day of receiving power from the family’s source, unity, transfer of experience and knowledge, building a solid foundation. The symbol of 10 lunar day is the Fountain, and its element is Water. On this day, the fountain of strength and energy of our family beats boldly and joyfully, sprinkling with life-giving moisture all our projects.

10 lunar day – family uniting

All 10 lunar day practices should be carried out together with family members or the person with whom you are going to start a family. It is necessary to arrange a family dinner, gather as many relatives as possible.

Sitting at the table, start holding hands in a circle. The oldest family member begins the practice. He takes with his right hand the left hand of the next generation and says: “During my life, I realized <...that the power of thought is working...> I learned to <...enjoy small things...> and accumulated a lot of <...knowledge of how to build your own business...>, and all this I give you. “ In doing so, you need to imagine how the light of knowledge and experience flows from hand to hand. Then, all the other relatives do the same. In the end, the youngest one takes the left hand of the oldest with his right hand, closing the circle with the words: “I am grateful to my family and will multiply its strength.”

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Meditation of the day

Sit in the lotus pose, close your eyes, relax your body. Imagine that you are in the middle of a gray, lifeless desert, and you see a fountain in front of you. It starts to work, and the streams of clean and fresh water splash onto the gray ground. Merge with this fountain, become it. Feel how the water under the pressure passes through you, bursts out. This water is the strength of your family, the experience of your predecessors, mentors, and teachers. You are a great conductor of this power.

Look how gradually everything around you comes to life. A young grass breaks through, bushes and trees start to grow, here comes the sun. Vegetation, fueled by splashes of a fountain, blossoms and fructifies. Now, the land is inhabited by animals, insects, birds, and gold fishes splash in the fountain. Using the power of predecessors, you gave life to a multitude of creatures – your projects, dreams, ideas. Children run up to you and dance under the streams of water – they are joyful and cheerful thanks to you. You make the world more beautiful every second.

10 lunar day practices

There are several important actions that are worth doing on 10 lunar day:

  • learn about the traditions existing in your family and resurrect them;
  • create your own traditions (and add them to the calendar to actually stick to them);
  • find a mentor, teacher, or turn to an existing one, communicate with him;
  • learn the experience of your predecessors in your business, the history of its origin;
  • lay the foundation if you are going to build a house.

Remember! The clearer you do practices on a 10 lunar day, the more likely your dreams will come true during this lunar cycle!

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