11 lunar day

11 lunar day – kundalini awakening

11 lunar day is a completely unusual period of the lunar cycle. Its main feature is the awakening of the kundalini energy, a great stream of power, which has been slumber in us. This energy connects all the chakras, endows us with enormous power, both physical and mental. On the 11 lunar day, our thoughts materialize very quickly, so we need to think only of the good things, have no doubt in our own strength.

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Symbol of 11 lunar day is the Flaming Sword, and its element, respectively, – Fire. A flaming weapon can be very useful, but can hurt you and your loved ones. The symbol of the day tells us that we must control the suddenly awakened energy, direct this power into a constructive channel.

11 lunar day – energy management

Everything in our material world is only a reflection of the subtle energy plan. Any disease or crisis is nothing more than a leak of energy. Any joy and recovery is its increase. On the 11 lunar day, we get access to the kundalini energy sleeping in us in the sacral bone, just above the Muladhara.

This is the mother’s, female energy, belonging to the goddess Shakti – the faithful companion of Shiva. Without she, he is not able to live and create. To reunite lovers and, thus, to acquire creative power, it is necessary to raise the energy of Shakti to the chakra of Shiva, Sahasrara. (I described all the human chakras in the article about 2 lunar day.)

Rising up, kundalini passes through all our chakras, purifying and activating them. This process is not an everyday thing, and some go to it all their lives with the help of spiritual mentors. So I do not promise that your Shakti will get to Shiva. However, during this period it is very important to learn how to control your energy! The practice below is aimed at it.

Kundalini rising practice

Sit in the lotus pose or lie down in the pose of the dead man. Feel the warmth and power of the goddess Shakti in the area of your sacrum. She woke up and strive for her lover. Take a breath and raise energy in Swadhisthana. Feel how your sexual desire and ability to enjoy life grow. Another breath – and kundalini rises in Manipura. Feel how prosperity and wealth float in your hands. Breath – the energy is in Anahata, and it sharpens your ability to love the whole world and admire every day. Another breath and kundalini is in Vishudha, and enhances your ability to achieve goals in the outer world. With the next breath, the energy flows in Ajna. You gain awareness and powerful intuition. The practice ends with a deep breath, with the transfer of Shakti energy to Sahasrara, her meeting with Shiva. At this point, you become connected with the superconscious.

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11 lunar day meditation

Meditation of the day

So, as usual for meditation, sit in the lotus pose. Close your eyes and relax. Imagine a flaming sword – it is vertically hanging in the air right in front of you. Take it in hand. Look at how it illuminates the darkness around you and the monsters in it – your fears, anxieties, illusions. Now merge with this sword. Feel it within yourself, now it is your spine, your axis and your core.

Crush monsters around, restore order and light in your life. Use the sword for good purposes, and it will bring you happiness, support and energy to realize your desires.

Remember! The clearer you do practices on a 11 lunar day, the more likely your dreams will come true during this lunar cycle! And the lunar calendar will help to plan your goals from different spheres of life correctly:

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