9 lunar day

9 lunar day practices – protection from negativity

9 lunar day is the first heavy day of the lunar cycle, tense and unfavorable. The key words in this period are the opposition to temptations and the fight against fears. In fact, every unfavorable lunar day is not a punishment, but a lesson and a test for a person. 9 lunar day is aimed at making us learn to ignore temptations and show courage. The Moon seems to test us for strength, making the gray cloud grayer. Everyone who can overcome his fears and stay still in the stormy flow of negativity will get the reward on the following days of the lunar month.

The symbol for the 9 lunar day is the Bat. This strange creature combines the signs of a rodent and a bird, embodying duplicity, deception, and uncertainty. It lives in darkness, a realm of illusions, subconsciousness, unreasonable anxiety and fears. Abandoned attics and ruined buildings are a typical area for these vampires, hence – loneliness and melancholy. Well, the very image of the vampire clearly translates to us that on the 9 lunar day we need to protect ourselves from those who want to gain our energy.

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protection from negativity practice

9 lunar day – protection from negativity

There are two approaches in the fight against the negativity. Fencing from it, and its processing into positive energy.

The first approach is useful to use on the 9 lunar day to protect your loved ones and your home. The technique is called the “white energetic cap”. You mentally put the protective cap on everything you love. Stand in front of the object that you need to protect, focus on the love for him (your husband, son, house). Imagine your love in the form of a sparkling white ball in your chest. Now it starts flowing in your hands and fingers until the light pours out. Form from this light a dense sphere around the object. You can hug the person, in the case of a dwelling – draw a circle with your hands.

“All my love protects you from negativity today, you’re safe under its protection.”

During the day, it is worth to imagine the object under a solid white cap several times and mentally repeat this phrase.

The Fairy’s Breath

The second approach is more difficult and will require you to have the strength of spirit, concentration, and nobility. At the same time, it is much more powerful. In the technique “the fairy’s breath”, we, on the contrary, aspire to breathe in ourselves as much negativity as possible – in order to turn it into love and joy. So, when someone next to you emits a negativity (even silently), or you feel some tension in the atmosphere, take a deep breath. Imagine that you, like a vacuum cleaner, suck in your nostrils black smoke emanating from angry and pessimistic people around. Getting into your lungs, black smoke is cleared, washed out, turning into a pink sparkling energy of love and gratitude. Make a slow, powerful exhalation through your mouth, imagining how this pink light comes out and envelops the space and people in it with joy, delight, and kindness.

The most difficult thing in this practice is not to fall under the influence of the environment and not get angry. Despite the fact that people will send negative messages towards you, you must love them with all your heart and strive to make them happy.

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9 lunar day protection rituals

Meditation of the day

Sit in the lotus pose, close your eyes, abstract from the outside world. Imagine that you enter a cave inhabited by your fears and anxieties. At first, you see only vague shadows on the walls. But, then you take a step forward and all your fears start circling around you, making eerie sounds. Have the courage and see them well. Upon closer examination, you realize that these are just bats, and terrible sounds are the hassle of their wings. They are afraid of you too. Bats try to get out of the cave – let them go. Mentally see off each of your nightmares to the very exit. Wait until the last bat leaves the cave. Now it’s quiet and peaceful. The night outside is over, and the golden rays of the sun penetrate inside, illuminating the field of your inner battle. You see how cozy it becomes in a cave, and realize that the horror that you experienced was illusory and unreal.

Remember: the clearer you do practices on 9 lunar day, the more likely your dreams will come true during this lunar cycle! And the lunar calendar will help to plan your goals from different spheres of life correctly:

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