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10 reasons why you need a moon phases calendar

Surely you have heard about the existence of the moon phases calendar. Perhaps you know that it is used in gardening and in order to choose favorable dates for epilation and hair cutting. Indeed, the Earth’s satellite has a great influence on the growth of a living matter on our planet – plants, their fruits, humans hair, and nails.

However, the influence of the moon on human life is much broader and deeper. In this article, I want to show you how you can use the moon phases calendar in all areas of your life to become healthier, happier, and more successful.

moon calendar for health

Moon phases calendar for health and wellness

If the moon causes ebbs and flows of huge oceans, can you imagine how it affects a person whose body, by the way, is 80% water? The growth of new cells and the death of old ones are also in its power. So, the first reason why you need a moon calendar is …

1 – for a healthy lifestyle

We all know what that means. Proper nutrition, workouts, vitamins, no bad habits… In the moon phases calendar, you will find healthy food for each day of the lunar cycle, load distribution during workouts depending on the lunar phase, successful days for starting a vitamins intake.

Acting in harmony with the lunar energy, it will be easier for you to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, and all your actions will produce results faster. If you want to get rid of the bad habit, try to do it twice: on the waxing and on the waning moon. I bet that the second option will be much easier and more pleasant.

2 – for treatment in case of disaster

If the disease overcame you, a healthy lifestyle is not enough. You need to visit a doctor, start a course of treatment, you may need surgery. The moon phases calendar has auspicious dates for all these important activities. Special attention is paid to dentistry, so if you plan to treat your teeth, look first at the Moon Calendar >>

moon calendar for beauty

Moon phases calendar for your beautiful look

It is clear that the external is a continuation of the internal, and in many respects, beauty depends on health. But, besides proper nutrition and workouts, the moon phases calendar will come in handy for you for…

3 – successful beauty routines

Skin care, change of cosmetics, wraps, scrubs, masks. Haircuts, hair coloring, hair removal. Manicure, pedicure… in general, for every modern procedure there are favorable and unfavorable days in the lunar cycle. It works the same as in other areas. On a favorable lunar day, the result of the procedure will be excellent, the effect will be the maximum. And after, for example, epilation at an inappropriate lunar time, your hair may grow back for a couple of days, or skin irritation of the skin may remain longer.

moon calendar for relationship

Moon calendar for harmonious relationships with people

Relationships play a big role in a person’s life – because, in any case, we are social creatures. The moon is called the ruler of our emotions and inner world. It is not surprising that it influences our relationships with people. Emotions are an important moment of communication. Therefore, you need a moon phases calendar for…

4 – happy relationships in a couple

We all want mutual love, understanding, beautiful intimate life. The lunar calendar, based on the influence of lunar days on our emotions, offers us successful and unsuccessful dates for sexual experiments, heart-to-heart talks, weddings, the conception of children.

5 – harmonious relationships with people in general

There are lunar days that are better spent alone in order to avoid conflicts with employees and relatives. And vice versa. You will begin to better understand why people behave the way they behave when you use the moon calendar.

moon calendar for household

Moon calendar for your household affairs

Home is the place that sets a certain mood. Surely you want the atmosphere of your home to be calm, joyful, developing. That’s why you clean, wash, cook, grow flowers and buy furniture. Therefore, you need a lunar calendar for…

6 – the expected effect of household chores

It happens that you clean the house, and the next day it wallows in dust and trash? Stains from clothes do not wash out? Perhaps the whole thing is that you are trying to do it on a bad lunar day.

(Of course, maybe you are just not trying hard enough, or doing something wrong. But a favorable lunar day greatly increases your chances of success anyway)

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7 – for successful purchases of anything

Lunar shopping calendar is a useful thing. Whatever you intend to purchase, there is a good day on the calendar to buy this item. And some phases are not at all suitable for shopping – we are too impulsive and inattentive under the influence of the moon energies.

8 – for a flowering and fruit garden

Whether you grow flowers in flowerpots in an apartment or vegetables near your house, the moon calendar will tell you favorable days for planting, transplanting, feeding and other important procedures. The moon regulates the movement of plant juices, so it is important to consider its phase before touching your garden.

moon calendar for business

Moon phases calendar for your career and business

We have already talked about the influence of the moon on people’s emotions and their relationships with each other. And no matter how tough laws act in the business world, emotions and people are still here. In addition, the moon affects our thinking process, ability to focus, attentiveness, quality of memory. That’s why you’d better use the lunar calendar for…

9 – career and business success

On one lunar day, it is better to assign negotiations with partners, and on the other – to purchase materials or create reports. There are favorable phases for asking for a new position and for firing someone. Using the moon phases calendar, you can get the most out of your abilities, get out of your financial struggles and achieve your goals faster and easier.

moon phases lunar calendar

Moon phases calendar for self-discovery and self-development

Well, the last in our article, but not the last in priority – you need the lunar calendar to…

10 – know yourself better

Firstly, you will be able to observe yourself from month to month and output some patterns. How does each of the lunar phases, each of the lunar zodiac signs affect you personally?

Secondly, you will learn additional information about your personality through the lunar day of your birth and the sign of the zodiac in which the moon was at the very moment when you were born.

In our Moon Calendar, you will find everything that I described in this article in a handy and lovely format. Start using the moon phases calendar right now and feel how life becomes easier and more enjoyable! 👇

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