12 lunar day

12 lunar day – the art of giving love

12 lunar day is the most loving and merciful period of the lunar cycle. It is a day of restoring harmony, achieving a sense of unity with the Universe, high spirituality, and altruism. The law “You only have what you give to others” works on this day. And if we learn to give our love, support, and light disinterestedly to the needy on the 12 lunar day, the Universe will reward us a hundredfold.

The symbol of the day is the Holy Grail, or Heart. Its element is the Tree. Trees give each traveler a shadow of their branches and clean air, and sometimes – even tasty fruits, and we should share what we have. It is interesting that the symbolic image of the Holy Grail, an inverted triangle, is also a feminine symbol. This magic bowl gives the forgiveness of sins and immortality to everyone who has drunk from it. On the 12 lunar day, we should forgive those people who drank our energy. We, women, are called to give our energy and love, making the world better.

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12 lunar day – energy exchange between a man and a woman

Unfortunately, very often we don’t give our love and positive energy exactly to those who we love. On the contrary, our soulmates more often than others people find themselves under the noisy waterfall of our negativity, claims, reproaches, irritation. Evidently, such energy exchange is no good. How can we learn to give love correctly, make our lovers (and us) happier and healthier?

Again, go back to the chakras (I described them in detail here). This time we will see how the chakras of a man and a woman in a couple interact. So:

  • Muladhara of a man gives a woman a red energy of security, stability, the ability to survive;
  • Swadhisthana of a woman gives a man pleasure and the ability to enjoy life;
  • Manipura of a man gives women material wealth and status;
  • Anahata of a woman gives a man unconditional love, joy and delight;
  • Vishudha of a man gives a woman the ability to realize her creative potential;
  • Ajna of a woman gives a man a vision, suggests the right direction.

In this case, the chakras that give energy turn to the right side, and those that take, to the left. This invaluable knowledge is convenient to use in such practices as joint meditation and massage.

energy exchange between a man and a woman

Joint meditation and massage

For the joint meditation, a man and a woman sit down in a lotus position face to face. Then, the man begins: “I happily give you security, support, stability”. In this case, both imagine a stream of red energy emanating from the groin of a man in the groin of a woman. “I accept it with gratitude,” – she answers and raises the energy to a level higher. ” I give you pleasures, desires and the opportunity to enjoy this world and me”. Both imagine the orange energy, the man thanks, and so on. At the end of the technique, both silently imagine the flow of violet cosmic energy passing through the Sahasrara.

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In the massage technique, we massage the body areas to the right or to the left depending on whether the corresponding chakra gives or receives energy. It is interesting that each chakra has its own point on the foot. So, you can apply this knowledge to foot massage too. During the procedure, tell the words from the joint meditation. The most important thing is to sincerely feel every word! Otherwise, empty speeches will lead to nothing.

12 lunar day meditation

Meditation of the day

If you can’t meditate with your soulmate on the 12 lunar day, do not worry. Sit in the lotus position, relax your body, close your eyes. Imagine a magic bowl, the Holy Grail, full of sparkling vitality. It gives forgiveness and grace to everyone who touches it, and today you will be this person. Take a good look at this grail in details, created by your fantasy. Come closer, take it, take a sip. Feel how it heals your body and soul, lets the past go and gives a brighter future.

And now become such Grail, filled with a magic, merge with it. Let all your loved ones and needy people drink your energy, your love, faith, inspiration. Watch how they change after each sip, how they begin to shine from within. Feel that you are inexhaustible, and the more they drink from you, the more filled you become. You give the world your love, and it gives you everything you dream about.

Remember! The clearer you do practices on a 12 lunar day, the more likely your dreams will come true during this lunar cycle! And the lunar calendar will help to plan your goals from different spheres of life correctly:

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