5 lunar day

5 lunar day rituals & practices

5 lunar day is a day of continuous action, persistent progress towards the goal, a day of concentration and focus. The symbol of this lunar days is the Boar digging the ground in order to find the truffle. In this period it is very important to concentrate on one particular goal and act boldly, resolutely and vigorously. In order to make your wish come true, you need to do special practices on the 5 lunar day.

5 lunar day – work with the goal

We did a lot of things in the first 4 days of the lunar cycle – we cleared ourselves of the negative, planned the next month, opened our hearts to the gifts of the Universe, made the right choice and get the power of our ancestors. For sure, after all these practices, you have specific goals that you want to implement. And today is the best day for it!

Be attentive when formulating the goal:

  • it must be realistic, fit your values and not conflict with your other goals;
  • the verbal expression of your goal should be laconic, capacious, not contain any “no” or “not”;
  • divide a big goal into small steps, the first of which you can do today;
  • in advance, think about how you will motivate yourself in the process of achieving the goal. Create punishments and encouragements;
  • consider the risks. What obstacles can you meet on your way? What will you do to overcome these obstacles? Who or what will help you?

After using all the listed tips, proceed to the execution of the first step to your dream. At the same time, on the 5 lunar day, it is important not to be distracted by things and activities that do not contribute to the realization of your goal.

meditation on 5 lunar day

Meditation of the day

Meditation will help you to stay focus. When your goal is formulated, sit in the lotus position, close your eyes, relax the body. Since the main leitmotif of the 5 lunar day is the movement towards the goal, we will use the image of the arrow. Imagine yourself an archer with an old bow in his hands. Now it symbolizes this moment of your life when you take aim and shoot an arrow. You clearly see your goal in the form of a target in front of you. The target can be drawn on any object that you associate with your goal most accurately. Focus on it and draw the string back, using all your experience and the strength of the ancestors you received yesterday.

Now, be this arrow. Feel the fire of desire inside and fly straight to the goal! Remember that the arrow can not change its direction, turn aside, stop its flight. It ALWAYS hits the target. Like you!

5 lunar day practices

Since the 5 lunar day is a period of active action, it is very important to eat well and properly. The body should get enough energy, in no case you should not starve. It is useful to eat dairy products.

But just eating well is not enough. During this period of the lunar cycle, it is especially easy to saturate the food with positive energy, “put the spell” on it for health and success. All that is needed for this is to cook with love, in a good mood, telling the right affirmations. Take each ingredient of the future dish in the hands, imagine how pink shiny streams of light pour on it from the tips of your fingers, penetrate into it. This light is your love for your relatives, gratitude to the world, delight, happiness. “I saturate this <... mushroom ...> with my love, and it will make healthy and successful everyone who eats it .”

Remember! The clearer you do practices on a 5 lunar day, the more likely your dreams will come true during this lunar cycle!

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