6 lunar day

6 lunar day practices and meditation

6 lunar day is the time of rest and relaxation after active labor. At past lunar day, we spent a lot of energy to work on our goals, and today we are restoring our strength. The symbol of this period is Clouds, light, calm, taking on bizarre forms. Clouds are often used by higher powers to send a sign to a person. On the 6 lunar day, it is worth to be attentive to the signs of nature, to keep calm in the soul, to accept humbly everything that destiny sends us.

In addition, on the 6 lunar day, the power of thought becomes acute. It is better to think only of good things, say positive affirmations, broadcast good thoughts.

6 lunar day – the power of thought

Affirmation is one of the most popular and effective ways to materialize thoughts. It is a short statement in the present tense about the desired state of things. Affirmations effectively combat negative beliefs, attitudes that prevent you from feeling happy. On the 6 lunar day, it is important to clear the brain of everything bad, evil and restless.

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Make a list of positive statements that help you keep calm. For example, “I’m calm, confident and reliable for myself”, “I’m a balanced proactive person with high emotional intelligence” and so on. Pronounce it aloud and to yourself during meditation. 6 lunar day can be a good start for your work with affirmations. The effect is usually palpable after one lunar cycle.

Meditation of the day

Clouds are lightness, peace, and humility. They obey the will of the wind, and we, people, must be able to obey the fate. Sit down in the lotus position, relax the body, close your eyes. Imagine yourself lying on a summer flowering meadow. You are here alone with nature, its silence and tranquility. Look at the blue sky with the clouds swimming on it. Take a good look at them. What do they look like? Cirrus, cumulus or stratus? Catch color shades. If you clearly saw in the clouds some image on the 6 lunar day, it is surely a sign!

And now, abstract from the signs and turn into a cloud. Feel how you ascend into the sky, as you are driven by the wind – the will of the Universe. The sun bathes you in its pink rays. From a bird’s-eye view, you see the world – the patches of green fields, the tiled roofs of cities. The bustle and household chores do not bother you anymore. You are calm and free.

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6 lunar day practices

6 lunar day practices

6 lunar day enhances the effect of breathing practices and essential oils. Aromatherapy on this day is another way to find peace in the soul. It must be said that essential oils are useful at any moment of the lunar cycle, but today they show their properties especially powerfully. You need to:

  • choose the oil with the appropriate effect from the list below;
  • pour it into the aroma lamp / on the cotton handkerchief / prepare a cleaning product with its use, air freshener / make a soap with this oil.

Bergamot removes stress, not causing drowsiness, simplifies communication, improves memory.
Geranium relieves mood swings, gives strength to a weakened body.
Grapefruit gives optimism, invigorates and tones.
Ylang-ylang helps to cope with insomnia, anxiety and fears; put you into a euphoric state, removes clamps and liberates.
Cedar relieves anger, removes stress, helps to increase concentration.
Lavender calms the hysterics, reduces the degree of emotion and allows you to look at the situation detached.
Lemon heals from apathy, anxiety, strengthens creativity and the ability to adapt to any changes.
Mint oppresses all negative emotions: fear, jealousy, anger, envy; charges with vivacity, helps to quickly wake up in the morning and fall asleep in the evening.
Patchouli improves brain efficiency and improves communication between people.
Rosemary is useful for mental overloads, gives self-confidence.
Rosewood oil eliminates any fatigue, both moral and physical.
Tea Tree enhances the ability to multitask, returns strength after a lot of stress.
Eucalyptus helps to get rid of a melancholic state, apathy and drowsiness.

Remember! The clearer you do practices on a 6 lunar day, the more likely your dreams will come true during this lunar cycle! And the lunar calendar will help to plan your goals from different spheres of life correctly:

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