7 lunar day

7 lunar day practices for health and success

7 lunar day is the time of creation and awareness of our influence on the world. On this lunar day, every word transforms into a magical spell, so you need to use language wisely. The symbol of the day is Aeolus, Lord of the Winds. The wind is a powerful force that can both build and help, and destroy and kill. And if yesterday, on 6 lunar day, we studied to obey the wind of fate, today we try on the role of the smith of our happiness.

7 lunar day – the power of words

Language is one of the fundamental differences between a human and other living creatures. The power of words has long been used in various magical rituals – we’ve all heard about spells. Prayers in different religions of the world are also a vivid example of the use of words power. A recent study of scientists confirmed that water changes its structure under the influence of words. Good and positive speech creates beautiful crystals and patterns, and negative and abusive make water ugly and dirty. Can you imagine how much words affect people’s health, considering that the human body consists of water for 70%??

The thing is that words can very clearly translate the energy of the speaker into the outside world. This ability is especially aggravated on the 7 lunar day. To put a spell on drinking water for health and success is a wise option of using the power of this day of the cycle. For this, it is enough to say sincere words of love, gratitude, delight over the water. It is not necessary to read a particular prayer and search for spells on the internet. After all, the most powerful words are those that come from your heart. To enhance the effect, you can stick a sticker with kind words on a bottle of water.

In addition, on the 7 lunar day it is useful to talk with water, while taking a shower, washing dishes and clothes. Do not forget about your relatives – they have a lot of water in bodies, and it will miraculously respond to your tender words of love.

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Meditation of the day

Aeolus, the king of the winds from ancient Greek myths, has a special power. After all, the wind sets the mood for all elements. It is in his power to arrange a storm at sea, to inflate a fire from a spark, to start a dust storm in the desert. In other words, the wind decides whether the element is evil or good, creative or destructive. Today, every person has a weapon in the form of the words power, and it is up to us to decide how to use it.

Sit down in the lotus position, relax, close your eyes. Imagine that you are sitting on the shore of the ocean, the wind with moderate force sway the surface with waves. Look into this wind, feel its cool breath and merge with it. Now you are this wind. Check your strength – blow on the water, pick up a tsunami or even a real storm!

When your thirst to play will be satisfied, take a closer look – there is the frightened boat between the waves.You can save the seafarers, calm the ocean and blow the ship towards the shore. Then, you can build a shelter from the sand for the stray travelers. Then, disperse the clouds, let the sun give a spark and fan a fire that will warm the chilled seafarers and save more than one life.

You can come up with other examples of creation and destruction by the wind. The main thing in this meditation is to feel the divine power in yourself and choose the right channel for its use.

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7 lunar day meditation

Practices on the 7 lunar day

As you see from everything written above, on the 7 lunar day you can successfully do any exercises related to speech and words. This is a good day for recording yourself on a dictaphone and listening to a record for revealing bad words. During this period, it is useful to invent new affirmations, write down a personal mission, and talk about your goals. If you want to start a diary – do it today! Even the automatic recording of a free stream of consciousness on the 7 lunar day will help you better understand yourself and draw important conclusions.

And, needless to say, try to avoid negative words on this day. Remember: the clearer you do practices on a 7 lunar day, the more likely your dreams will come true during this lunar cycle! And the lunar calendar will help to plan your goals from different spheres of life correctly:

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