Items You Should Buy As A Golfer

6 Of The Most Important Items You Should Buy As A Golfer

Golf is the chosen pastime of many. It’s a sport that can be done leisurely with no urgency, just enjoying time on the course, alone or with friends. Or as seen on television, if taken to the professional level, it gains intensity. As simple as it may appear to the untrained eye, there are certain intricacies to the game but even before becoming attuned to this, on your way to becoming the skilled golfer that you can be, there is first some must-haves equipment to acquire.

Let’s Start With The Basics


There can be no putting without a putter. Based on your personal swing style and stroke, and further considering the shape of the head and body of the club, make your selection. Figure out whether you’re more of an arc stroke guy or straight back and through gal.

Once you’ve determined this, then you will purchase more correctly either a blade or a mallet-style of the putter. Much more goes into choosing a putter because is your preference the center or heel shaft? And what about the length of the shaft? If you are between five feet five inches and five feet ten, approximate the length to thirty-four inches. Taller than five-ten, go for a longer club. All in all, it comes down to comfort and choice.


The complement to the club. Shag or practice balls will be a great asset as a beginner for it is guaranteed that there will come a day you will become very frustrated at teeing off perfectly good balls into a pond or lake or striking them so far off that they’re unretrievable. Accepting the loss of a damaged ball comes much easier. As you graduate into more of a professional, you will still see the use of having a bag of shag balls. Get some.

Right away, also obtain some golfing tees. These may seem inconsequential but be assured it is not. Give yourself a more effortless swing and delivery. Allow the ball to soar to greater heights. Though small, a golf tee is essential for anyone serious about the sport.

Incorporating Some Style


The game doesn’t have to be all serious. Spice it up with a bit of fashion. Even though fashionable, this is still quite useful. Enhance your grip on the shaft. On hot days sweating will undoubtedly happen. Sweaty hands can impede your game. Rainy days also lead to altered grips on the club. Protect yourself from both slippery situations. Save yourself from blistering and the development of calluses too.


For each sport, some shoes are recommended and specifically made for this purpose. Just like with gloves, the grip is important. Lessen your risk of sliding on the grass. Adopt a strong and secure stance despite inclement weather. Achieve more flexibility and fluidity in movement along with added balance. At the same time, let your style work for you.

Protection Of The Body

Sunblock and Umbrella

It is common knowledge that one should not be exposed to the sun for extended periods of time without the use of sunscreen. Even on cloudy days, UV rays pierce the atmosphere. Take the proper precautions. Get broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection to decrease your odds of suffering awful and painful sunburns. In addition to sunblock, invest in clothing especially formulated to block these harmful rays. Your skin will thank you.

Umbrellas also work to protect the body from direct sunlight. Doubly important, on rainy days you’ll be covered too.

Water Bottle

Watering your body is imperative. A reusable water bottle will come to your constant aid on a hot day on the golf course. From A link courses to more hilly and slopey ones, some dehydration is likely to occur after a while, more so on the courses with inclines and dips. You cannot run off the field for a water break, disappearing for a period of time and interrupting the game. No! Ensuring you carry some water will keep your body working effectively and allow the game to carry on undisturbed.

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Golf is a great game. It fuses concentration with skill and style with functionality. Show your natural or developing talent along with your swanky duds. Demonstrate your understanding of the equipment by selecting those most suitable to your stature and your style of play. Come prepared for rain or shine. Walk on to the course feeling like you are a part of something big. Because you are.

The more prepared you are when you begin playing, the easier the game will flow to you.

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