Infested With Bees

Signs That Your Home Is Infested With Bees

Bees are usually located underground – in abandoned holes; however, they can penetrate any structure or object that contains a hole that is a quarter of an inch or larger. It is important to remember that once a swarm is on your property, you may not have sufficient time to identify and seal all of the potential entry points for the bees. So, what do you do?

Through studies, it’s been found that one-third of the food we consume each day relies on bees, but it can be difficult to house this important insect. This means you need to look for an environmentally safe method to prevent infestation and protect your family and property.

But you need to be certain that your home is actually infested with bees before making a move. You may likely start to notice excessive buzzing sounds around. If it remains consistent in a particular area, then an infestation is likely. Explained in this guideline is how you can know that bees are lurking around.

1. Active Nest Check

This is a tell-tale sign that involves checking trees, under-the-roof eaves, your garden shed, or any other surface you suspect could house a nest of bees. Some bees, like the female carpenter bees, can bore holes in woods around the property, causing increased carpenter bee activity. It becomes a very difficult, time-consuming, and expensive task to remove the bees once they are established. So, carefully checking and observation of the bees’ flight paths can minimize this risk.

2. Buzzing Sounds

Though many people tend to ignore or forget this point, it should be considered significant. If you hear buzzing sounds in your walls or property, there’s a good possibility that a large number of bees have been nesting inside your home. Many studies have shown that the l ger and the more frequent the buzz, the larger the swarm.

3. Sudden Appearance Of Bees

bee infestation

Bees usually live underground. You cannot see them, and you do not want them in your space. It can become serious. It becomes a truly frightening and dangerous situation when you see a bee buzzing past your head. How did the single bee appear so suddenly? You should not ignore this.

There’s a probability this single bee fought through the holes in your exterior and winged his way into your home, there’s an even stronger chance that he is just one of many that live inside your walls.

Understand that a bee infestation can last for several months if left undisturbed. So, at this point, the sudden appearance of a bee might not be a coincidence. The answer is obvious: there could be a serious infestation in your home.

4. Dark Patches

If you realize that there are dark patches on your walls or ceilings that weren’t there before, that is a visible sign of infestation. They’ve probably built a nest in your ceiling and began producing honey there. It is that honey that causes the dark patches that you see. Once you notice this, make plans to rid your home of them before they expand their colony.

The above signs should help you decide if you have a serious bee infestation problem. Thankfully, with the available environmentally-friendly bee control methods, you can get rid of a bee infestation in your home or backyard rather easily.

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