Mercury aspects with other planets

Mercury aspectsMercury is the nearest planet to the Sun, the quickest. It is small, agile, moves faster than the others. Mercury turns around the Sun for only 88 days. Based on these characteristics, ancient astrologers named the planet in honor of the god of trade, travel, and communications.

In ancient Roman mythology, Mercury was considered the patron of traveling merchants, the deity of enrichment, connections, and contacts. He communicated with the supreme divine authorities, brought important news, took the dead to the afterlife. The nature of the planet entirely corresponds to the image of myths – Mercury is close to the center of the solar system, to the mystery of its creation.

Creating aspects with different planets, Mercury manifests its own character traits in different ways in each specific case. However, wherever this planet is mentioned, few same words accompany it: “intelligence”, “communication”, “profit”, “trips”.

Mercury-Venus Conjuction

Mercury aspects with Venus

Venus has the name of the goddess of love, passion, beauty, and inspiration. All this corresponds to the nature of the planet:

  • this is certainly the hottest (in a literal and figurative sense) planet of the solar system;
  • capricious, like a Muse, it turns in a direction different from the rest of the planets;
  • mysterious as the art, it covered with opaque clouds of sulfuric acid;
  • it shines brightly in the sky and visible to the eye.

Interlacing in favorable and unfavorable aspects, the traits of Mercury and Venus exert a special influence on the life and inclinations of people, the general atmosphere of the day.

Favorable Mercury aspects with Venus

Mercury-Venus Conjunction enhances a synthesis of intellectual abilities with a wonderful taste and a thirst for peace, love, and harmony in people. The musical and literary talents, gracefulness and charm. Venus endows a person with coquetry and some carelessness, and Mercury – with eloquence and a pinch of irresistible passion.

Mercury-Venus Sextile is an even greater charm. Patronizes successful communications, conferences and other similar events where people share knowledge. It is a sign of productive partnership, successful trading operations, establishments of new useful and pleasant acquaintances.

Mercury-Venus Trine pushes people to flirt and romantic adventures, noisy parties, various pleasures and laziness. Strengthens artistic talents, such as oratorical and acting skills. Awakens the desire to make everything around beautiful, even the everyday things.

Unfavorable Mercury aspects with Venus

Mercury-Venus Square makes a person inconsistent and unstable. Under the influence of a spontaneous impulse, he can plunge headily into adventures, which will regret later. Subjective, unflattering reasoning, a perverted understanding of beauty.

Mercury-Venus Opposition demonstrates excessive sensitivity, and nervousness in people . Increases the craving for eccentric antics, diversity, risky and non-standard actions.

Mercury-Mars Conjunction

Mercury aspects with Mars

Mars owes its name to the god of war – a fearless, resolute, stubborn conqueror. This planet has a corresponding character, a belligerent reddish color, and has more things in common with our Earth than others. The purposefulness and activity of Mars strengthen the positive influence of Mercury in favorable aspects, but in unfavorable makes people unrestrained, angry and impulsive.

Favorable Mercury aspects with Mars

Mercury-Mars Conjunction empowers us with a clear and inquisitive mind, capable of accepting the new without excessive conservatism and at the same time honoring traditions. The sense of humor, eloquence, desire to debate and argue is amplified. Defending our position under the influence of this aspect, we can be too straightforward and forget about tact and courtesy. Pragmatism and dedication will help to achieve the goals, if there are no scandals and conflicts.

Mercury-Mars Sextile helps you learn anything, produce new ideas, perform painstaking work with your hands. This is a good aspect in order to gain credibility, set goals and start moving towards them. It is creative, materializes desires, gives energy, courage, enthusiasm.

Mercury-Mars Trine an aspect of healthy competition, resourcefulness, constructive solutions. Concentration on the task rises, inspiration is in the air. This aspect gives people optimism and self-confidence, contributes to the success in learning and business.

Unfavorable Mercury aspects with Mars

Under the influence of Mercury-Mars Square people become impulsive and disorganized, demonstrate unhealthy reaction to criticism. This aspect gives us powerful intellectual abilities, but if we act without a plan, the energy will be wasted.

Mercury-Mars Opposition provokes conflicts, exacerbating aggressiveness, impatience, and bluntness. Inflexibility, pedantry, bounded view of things, inability to change opinion. A propensity to drink alcohol, fight and get traumas.

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Mercury-Jupiter Conjuction

Mercury aspects with Jupiter

Jupiter was named in honor of the supreme Roman god, the lord of the sky and the thunderstorm, “giving light”. This deity combined the features of many other gods of the pantheon, helped farmers and warriors. As well as it is necessary to the almighty king, this planet is magnanimous, fair and wise. Jupiter is the gas giant, the largest in the solar system. No wonder it has the name of a thunderer – storms of Jupiter are hundreds of times worse than terrestrial ones. A large red spot on its side – a giant storm, seen by astronomers as far back as the 17th century.

However, Jupiter is always for justice. So, if you have not made a mess, you should not be afraid of this planet. And for those who behave well, Jupiter always have generous gifts.

Favorable Mercury aspects with Jupiter

Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction awakens people’s interest in many areas of activity, global, large-scale and significant projects. The only hitch – under the influence of this aspect, we tend to think not realistically and talk more than act. Generosity awakens. Aspect promotes development in the sphere of education, history, philosophy, sociology.

Mercury-Jupiter Sextile is an aspect of successful cooperation, partnership. This is a good time to search for investors, influential patrons, new acquaintances. It helps to materialize any effort, turn into profit any trip and meeting.

Mercury-Jupiter Trine enhances emotional intelligence, gives people optimism, luck, comfort, respect for others. All the changes that take place under the influence of this aspect will do you good. Volunteering, charity, and participation in various clubs will help to attract fortune as quickly as possible.

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Unfavorable Mercury aspects with Jupiter

Mercury-Jupiter Square manifests in people the desire to be the winner in everything, while doing nothing for it. A propensity to adventures, fraud, scam. Grandiose plans without specifics and discipline. Chaos in judgments, frequent change of opinions.

Mercury-Jupiter Opposition encourages us to take on projects for which we lack the skills and knowledge. Lack of sense of proportion, impatience, conflicts. Inability to concentrate, absent-mindedness, a lot of empty words. Enthusiasm for things that are detached from reality, inattention to everything, which is really important.

Mercury-Saturn Sextile

Mercury aspects with Saturn

Saturn, the ancient Roman god of the time, was cruel enough to devour his own children. According to ancient legends, he was once the supreme god, patronizing agriculture, creating abundance for mankind. However, overthrown from the throne by Jupiter, Saturn settled in the darkness.

The planet Saturn, allegorically, is located in the solar system just behind Jupiter. As for the nature of this astrological object, it is as paradoxical as the character of the ancient god. Saturn is very strict, loves discipline, planning, hard work, and solitude. Those who behave according to his preferences, Saturn encourages. But it can really devour the idle lovers of amusements.

Favorable Mercury aspects with Saturn

Mercury-Saturn Conjunction makes a person judicious, logical, disciplined and responsible. Under the influence of this aspect, we are able to work long and hard. Exacerbation of perfectionism, decency, criticality in relation to themselves and others. Manifestations of skepticism, aversion to the new things, pessimism, distrust in the relationship.

Mercury-Saturn Sextile is the aspect of concentration, seriousness, professionalism. Its influence is favorable for planning, performing routine tasks, improving skills and communicating with teachers and mentors. Any work that requires meticulousness and attention to detail will be successful.

Mercury-Saturn Trine empowers people with the talent of a psychologist, diplomat, negotiator. Intuition and the ability to feel others will help to choose a key to the heart and the right words for everyone. Increases the desire to restore order in all areas of life. The aspect is favorable for the organization of the working process, general cleaning, ordering of documentation.

Unfavorable Mercury aspects with Saturn

Mercury-Saturn Square is not the best aspect for building relationships with anyone. Under its influence, we become cold and callous in the manifestation of feelings, sharp in expressions, excessively suspicious and vulnerable. In order not to fall completely into melancholy, it is worthwhile to do the routine work.

Mercury-Saturn Opposition is the interaction of planets that works as a magnet for trouble. Their main reasons are people’s insensitivity to everything new, endless pessimism and indecisiveness. The envy, an unhealthy desire to compete in the compartment with fear of action.

Mercury-Uranus Trine

Mercury aspects with Uranus

Eccentric, mystical and creative – these three words, perhaps, best describe Uranus in astrology. This planet has an extraordinary blue color. And the god, in honor of which it was named, was very creative. Uranus had the extremely great number of children: giants, nymphs, cyclops… Even the drops of his blood could create, and gave birth to Erinias, the goddesses of revenge.

Mercury aspects with Uranus can awake genius in people. Or, in the worst case, provoke madness.

Favorable Mercury aspects with Uranus

Mercury-Uranus Conjunction awakens the ingenuity, a thirst for creativity, a desire to stand out from the crowd. Under the influence of this aspect, people want to be independent and at any cost. Because of this relationship is bad, there may be misunderstandings and conflicts. However, this aspect is extremely useful for any creativity, scientific research, implementation of innovative ideas.

Mercury-Uranus Sextile is a sign of aggravation of intuition, the ability to make correct predictions, luck. Destruction of the old and construction of new things, reforms, versatile interests. The mind works very fast, any intellectual activity is successful.

Mercury-Uranus Trine enhances the craving for change, diversity, the search for everything new and unusual. It is noteworthy that this crave is constructive, not destructive. The aspect is favorable for risky actions, the application in practice of the accumulated knowledge, the initiative and leadership position.

Unfavorable Mercury aspects with Uranus

Mercury-Uranus Square gives brilliant ideas without the desire to work on their implementation. Excessive self-confidence, which leads to negligence and failure. Impracticality, rebelliousness, disrespect for authorities. Arrogance prevents to establish contacts with others.

Mercury-Uranus Opposition intensifies manifestations of extremism and radicalism in society. It endows people with cynicism, hinders the completion of what we started. Constant nervous tension, irritability, chaotic judgments. Do not make important decisions under the influence of this aspect.

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Mercury-Neptune Trine

Mercury aspects with Neptune

The planet Neptune is similar in composition to Uranus. And in the astrological sense, they have something in common – a stormy fantasy, powerful creative skills. However, Neptune is more sensitive and intuitive. It is interesting that Neptune became the first planet to be discovered blindly, by mathematical calculations. It is really fit this planet because Neptune allows us to see the invisible things, subtle intangible worlds.

The planet is named in honor of the god of the seas and oceans. Not only because of its bright blue color. The nature of Neptune is similar to the nature of the water, its susceptibility to the energies around. This highly spiritual planet in tandem with Mercury gives the person extraordinary talents, great intuition and pink glasses in the compartment with disappointment.

Favorable Mercury aspects with Neptune

Mercury-Neptune Conjunction gives us the unique ability to see the whole picture, compare events and processes, and collect them into a single puzzle. The aspect is favorable for internal work, studying philosophy, people of art. Imagination works to its fullest. Impressions, romanticism, heightened sensitivity.

Mercury-Neptune Sextile is favorable for trade in art objects, promoting yourself as a creative person. The manifestation of the gift of clairvoyance, empathy, sensitivity. Time for romantic dates, fabulous surprises, all beautiful and refined stuff.

Mercury-Neptune Trine enhances the craving for mystical knowledge, helps build harmonious relationships, sharpens memory. The aspect is successful for promoting original ideas and thoughts, writing and selling books, for any projects based on higher spiritual values.

Unfavorable Mercury aspects with Neptune

Mercury-Neptune Square promises disappointments in love and broken illusions. The desire to escape from reality, to find joy in alcohol, drugs, and gambling. Confusion in the plans, problems in the relationship, inconstancy.

Mercury-Neptune Opposition awakes unique abilities for empathy, a telepathic perception of thoughts. However, the aspect prevents using this power for good, giving people excessive impressionability, anxiety, indecisiveness. A painfully developed imagination, a threat of mental disorders.

Mercury-Pluto aspects

Mercury aspects with Pluto

Since recently, Pluto is not considered a planet in astronomy, but in astrology it still has a huge influence. This planet locates far away from the Sun, in darkness and cold. It is no accident that it is named after the god of the Dead world, the cold and dark underground kingdom. The ancients feared him and were afraid even to pronounce his name.

Well, you should really be afraid of Pluto 🙂 It’s worth noting that this planet has the strangest orbit in the solar system. Because of its shape, sometimes Pluto is even closer to the Sun than Neptune! And sometimes runs very far… In astrology, this feature manifests itself in the form of Pluto’s propensity for extremes. It generously empowers people with this trait, adding unpredictability, independence, and extreme individualism.

Favorable Mercury aspects with Pluto

Mercury-Pluto Conjunction empowers people with endurance and insight, awakens interest in philosophy, scientific inquiry. This aspect clearly shows the Plutonian propensity to extremes. Under its influence people often rebel, violate the law, defend radical views. Active thought processes, a thirst to find the truth and the root cause in everything that exists. Such reflections are divorced from reality and household hassle. Aspect increases mood swings, anxiety, impulsiveness.

Mercury-Pluto Sextile in contrast to the previous aspect, smooths out scandals and gives people the diplomatic skills. This aspect aggravates the competition, the ability to concentrate on the goal, willpower.

Mercury-Pluto Trine bestows people with the cunning, the ability to persuade and manipulate skillfully. People, influenced by this aspect, cleverly combine discipline with an innovative approach, creativity and work in an orderly manner.

Unfavorable Mercury aspects with Pluto

Mercury-Pluto Square is capable of fomenting conflicts from scratch. Fanatzim, despondency, insane adventures and unjustified risk are also in the spirit of this aspect. It turns a man into an irritable, obstinate, vindictive revolutionary; the fate of people fills with unexpected turns and cardinal changes.

Mercury-Pluto Opposition spawns closed, cruel intellectuals who adore intrigues, gossip, and often resort to lies to achieve their goals. This aspect corresponds to the largest number of natural disasters, accidents.

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