8 lunar day

8 lunar day rituals for happy life

8 lunar day marks the end of the first quarter of the lunar cycle. Its symbol is Phoenix, reborn from the ashes, and this day means a transition to a new level, rebirth, resurrection. The element of the day and its symbol is Fire. It, as is known, helps to purge from the negative, to get rid of everything that has become obsolete, to start a new life. 8 lunar day practices are directed to safely let go of the past and be reborn for everything new and good that awaits us.

8 lunar day – purification by fire

The fire on this lunar day is especially strong and healing. It has the ability to take everything unnecessary and transform things, feelings and processes from old to new. If we remember school chemistry lessons, we will immediately find confirmation of this force of fire. With its help, every chemical reaction passed faster. And cooking is the proof – heat treatment makes miracles, turning inedible into edible, tasty and useful.

So, on 8 lunar day fire can transform despondency into enthusiasm, pain in pleasure, despair into faith. In this period, you need to light candles, the more, the better. Great, if your house has a real fireplace or stove. In summer, it is good to make a bonfire, and literally, burn things in it that symbolize the negative in your life. Speak with fire, ask him to take away what’s bothering you, until the flame turns your junk into ashes.

rituals with candles colors meaning

The meaning of candles colors

If you do not have a fireplace, no stove, no possibility to make a bonfire, practice with a candle. The color of the candle plays an important role. Candles of different colors patronize different spheres of our life, help develop different qualities.

So, Red candles are responsible for love, passion, romance. If you are dreaming of finding your soul mate or improving existing relationships, it makes sense to light the red candle.

Orange – will bring positive changes to your life, help in new endeavors, charge with self-confidence. If you want to change something radically, be it a job, a home or a social circle, use an orange candle.

Pink candles soften the hardest heart, give you the ability to admire and enjoy small things, as only children can do. A candle of this color will relieve the constant nervous tension, help you learn to live relaxed and in pleasure.

Purple candles patronize businessmen, are responsible for business success and prosperity. If you need to make an important decision, it is also helpful to light a purple candle. It is able to convey to us the secrets of our ancestors, the knowledge necessary for wise and conscious steps.

Yellow activates the mind, promotes learning, new information assimilation, memory improvement. In addition, such candles will reveal the creative potential in you.

Golden – help you gain the courage and determination of the winner in the upcoming battle.

Blue and dark blue candles help to recover from illness, restore strength, free from pain and pacify the mind.

Green candles are responsible for the careers and financial sphere of our lives. Light a green candle, if you dream of overcoming monetary problems, getting a better position, attracting wealth into your life. In addition, such candles will help you with personal growth, increase your efficiency, and productivity of thinking.

Silver know how to resolve a conflict, help the disputants to find a compromise, bring stability and permanence.

Brown are connected to the material world, so all requests related to the way of everyday life should be directed to them.

In the power of Black candles to burn all the negative: disease, feelings, emotions, enemies and life obstacles.

And White candles are able to generously endow man with wisdom, sincerity and purity of thoughts; bring order to all spheres of life.

Ritual with candle

If you do not have any specific desires, choose the color of the candle according to your Zodiac sign. So, fire signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) should use red and orange candles; water (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) – blue and dark blue; earth (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) – green and black; and air (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini) – silver and yellow.

So, put the chosen candle in front of you and light it, stretch palms over the fire. You need to feel its warmth and ask: “Fire, help me to get rid of … disease, hate, indecision, failure …”. Take a breath and imagine how the fire seeps into your fingers, passes through your whole body, taking away the negative, and through the feet runs to the ground. Thank the fire for its help.

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8 lunar day meditation

Meditation of the day

Sit in the lotus position, relax and close your eyes. Imagine a beautiful phoenix bird flying through a difficult life path. See every detail, and then merge with it. Now this Phoenix is ​​you. You fly on your life path, meeting support and obstacles. Remember your past, imagine the obstacles that you faced in the form of sharp branches of trees, hail, cold wind. Imagine all the help you were given, in the form of dew, you drink it on your way. When you mentally arrive in today, your wings touch the flame of rebirth. You accept with gratitude all your experience until this moment and this fire that renews you. After rebirth, you are even more powerful, wise and beautiful bird, ready to continue your flight.

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Practices on the 8 lunar day

Since the symbol of 8 lunar day is a bird capable of regenerating, this period is favorable also to give a second chance to all that failed for the first time. Try again! However, it is very important to use a new approach, different from the one you had when you first tried it. This rule applies to absolutely all life spheres – from love relationships and business projects to the cooking an unusual dish.

Moreover, on 8 lunar day, herbs get a special power. If you want to make a medicine, or an ointment from herbs, do it today. You should not use it immediately, this lunar day is favorable exactly for its preparation.

Remember: the clearer you do practices on 8 lunar day, the more likely your dreams will come true during this lunar cycle! And the lunar calendar will help to plan your goals from different spheres of life correctly:

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