alexandrite magical properties

Alexandrite magical properties – the stone of the emperor

Alexandrite is one of the five most rare gemstones on our planet. Its unique feature is the ability to change its color. This stone was discovered by people quite recently, in 1832, on the territory of the Russian Empire. Hence its name – in honor of Tsar Alexander II, who got the crystal as a gift from the archeologist for the 16th anniversary.

The life of the monarch is not easy, full of difficulties and temptations. People tried to kill Tsar Alexander several times, and there is an opinion that alexandrite protected him. However, in the end, death overtook the ruler. And the stone has gained immense popularity among the authorities as the stone of the emperor.

Alexandrite is a mascot-gemstone of the 9 lunar day, a tense period of overcoming our fears and temptations, manifestations of the strength of spirit and courage. This means that alexandrite gets the greatest power on the 9th day after New Moon, and any rituals with it will be more effective at this time.

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Alexandrite in the history of different countries

Alexandrite magical properties have always been associated with its ability to help the owner to overcome life’s difficulties. People believed that when the stone change color, it predicts fate. Yellow and red color promises danger and trouble. However, if a person can survive, she will gain prosperity and glory.

Alexandrite’s ambiguity emphasizes one more of its name – “widow stone”. During the world wars, many women in Russia had jewelry with this mineral, and not all of their husbands came back from the front. However, if the spouses are nearby, alexandrite can prolong their union. That’s why the 45th anniversary of the wedding is called “alexandrite”.

The second country in which the stone was popular among the nobility was India. Here people believe that alexandrite can work only for strong-minded rulers who can subordinate the stone to their mood.

alexandrite healing properties

Alexandrite in lithotherapy

Alexandrite magical properties reflect its physical characteristics. So, Eliphas Levi argued that the ability of a stone to change color connects it with human blood, which can also be bright red and bluish-brown. Lithotherapists use alexandrite for purification and strengthening of blood vessels, normalization of hematopoiesis, treatment of varicose veins and prevention of cardiac pathologies. In addition, alexandrite:

  • Normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract and glands – liver, spleen, pancreas;
  • Strengthens immunity, heals scabies and leprosy;
  • Favorably affects the nervous and endocrine systems, improving the psycho-emotional state;
  • Helps to cope with alcoholism, drug addiction.

Experts recommend to carefully handle the mineral and remove the products from it before going to bed.

Alexandrite magical properties and its impact on humans

Alexandrite magical properties can help a person cope with any obstacle, overcome fears and doubts, resist any temptation. This powerful talisman predicts the future, reflects the mood of its owner and inspires confidence in his own strength.

Alexandrite is especially useful for:

  • People with great power and responsibility;
  • Very impulsive and emotional personalities;
  • Diplomats, judges, lawyers, military, sailors, gamblers;
  • Women seeking bright and passionate love adventures;
  • People of art and scientist-inventors.

On the 9th lunar day, when we all have to fight with difficulties, even a small alexandrite crystal can help! Do not miss this powerful magical time with the Moon Calendar:

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