amber magical properties

Amber magical properties – the tears of eternity

Amber is a very warm and sunny stone. Healing and magical properties of this mineral are diverse and can change the life of each person for the better. Add positive, joy, health. At the same time, amber is inexpensive – in some regions, people even use it as a rosin and material for soldering parts. Amber is a mascot-gemstone of the 10 lunar day, time to strengthen the family ties, create and maintain traditions. This means that amber magical properties gets the greatest power on the 10th day after New Moon, and any rituals with it will be more effective at this time.

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Amber in the history of different countries

Amber magical properties are known to mankind from the 10th century BC, as evidenced by the Assyrian cuneiform.

In Ancient Greecepeople believed that the mineral has the power of the Sun and Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Moreover, they used pieces of amber with grass and insects for witchcraft purposes. In myths, kind spirits live in these pebbles, and they help to perform various rituals.

In Egypt people made censers from amber, in the Russian Empire – the priests’ sticks. The ancients believed that amber powder cures fever, problems with the stomach, eyesight, teeth.

amber healing properties

Amber in lithotherapy

Amber magical properties are actively used in medicine to this day. So, in any pharmacy today you can find amber acid. It is the biostimulator, which contributes to the productive work of the brain. In addition, amber:

  • Is useful for people who control their weight, as it speeds up the metabolism and excretion of toxins from the body;
  • Reduces the risk of developing lung cancer and negative effects of nicotine on the body of smokers (in the form of a mouthpiece);
  • Heals colds, bronchitis, chronic cough and asthma (in the form of powder and smoke from its burning);
  • Normalizes the work of the thyroid gland;
  • Helps pregnant and nursing mothers to give birth and raise a healthy baby.

amber in lithotherapy

Amber energetics and its impact on humans

Only one look at amber raises the mood and warms the soul! This mineral has a beautiful, calm, warm and positive energetics. Amber magical properties tie to its key characteristics. So, this stone:

  • Helps overcome any grief, gives hope and optimism;
  • Guarantees a healthy sleep and the absence of nightmares (if you put a piece near the head);
  • Protects the house from natural disasters, assaults of hooligans and thefts;
  • Extends youth, gives vivacity and joy.

Amber is a wonderful transmitter of love and happiness from generation to generation. That’s why pregnant and breastfeeding women should wear it. In addition, this crystal is able to capture and preserve the memory of many generations of the family. Hence its second name – “the tears of eternity”.

On the 10th lunar day, when we get the power of the ancestors and lay the foundation for the future of our family, even a small amber crystal can help! Do not miss this powerful magical time with the Moon Calendar:

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