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All useful moon info you should track to be happy & successful

Moon info can be very useful in everyday life. After all, the Earth’s satellite strongly influences many processes on our planet – the ebb and flow, growth and fruiting of plants, the behavior of animals. Moreover, the Moon is called the ruler of the humans’ emotions. It can affect our well-being, mood, behavior.

What moon info may be useful to us in order to make our life happier and more successful? Let’s figure it out together.

Moon info – lunar cycle, moon seasons and phases

So, we start with broader concepts and go from great to small. For 29.5 lunar days, the Earth’s satellite lives a small life – its full cycle. During this time, the Moon manages to go through all its phases, which are sometimes also called the moon seasons.

Each phase, each season has its own specific effect on all life on earth and on all areas of human life. So, the waxing crescent, or lunar spring, is great for planning, goal setting, training. Waxing gibbous, that is, the lunar summer is the time of active realization of the plans. Throughout the waxing moon phase, it is good to develop new habits, to begin a course of treatment and sports training, to cut hair for growth.

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Waning gibbous, or lunar autumn, is the time to harvest of the first results of your labors, to correct a course, to discard non-working schemes. On the waning crescent, that is, the lunar winter, it is useful to engage in self-analysis and sum up. In general, the waning moon helps to get rid of all unnecessary. It is favorable for house cleaning, epilation, surgical operations, getting rid of bad habits and excess weight.

Full Moon and New Moon make people more emotional and conflicting, so these phases are best spent in peace and solitude.

So, knowing only the moon phase or season, you can begin to use the Moon’s support in your endeavors.

What is the moon phase now? Learn in the Moon Calendar 2020 >>

Moon info – lunar days, moonrise time, Zodiac Sign

Of course, guided only by information about the moon phase, you miss a lot. Each season consists of about 7 lunar days, and each of the lunar days has its own character and preferences. So, some days of the cycle contribute to good shopping and romantic nights, while others are completely against such activities.

The lunar day begins with the rising of the moon and ends with the next rising. Therefore, for proper tracking, you need to know this time frame. Sometimes one lunar day can last two days, and sometimes just a couple of hours. If you want to live in harmony with the Moon, this information will be very useful.

In addition, at each moment in time, the Moon stays in a certain zodiac sign, which also affects our mood and condition, the ability to conceive a child of a certain gender, to grow a crop, and so on.

In our Moon Calendar, you will find all the moon info, which may be useful to you: moon phases, the days of the cycle, moonrise time, lunar zodiac sign and detailed recommendations on all areas of life 👇

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