Лунный календарь покупок на февраль 2018

Shopping Lunar Calendar February 2018

How quickly time flies! It’s already the last month of winter, the shortest in the year, and you need to get everything you require for the first warm days. In addition, in February we congratulate our lovers on Valentine’s Day, and we must find the right gift! Do you know that there are favorable and unfavorable days for all kinds of acquisitions in each month? Shopping Lunar Calendar February 2018 will help you choose the right time for your shopping trip, depending on what you want to buy 🙂

Shopping Lunar Calendar February 2018 – favorable days

On what does it depend, is it a good day for shopping? On the mood of the Moon! Earth’s companion has a huge impact on the emotional sphere of human life and on other days makes us very much spontaneous and impulsive. Of course, that on such emotions you can “mess things up” and buy stuff that is completely unnecessary. And sometimes the Moon strengthens gullibility, naivety, inattention to detail in people. On such days, we can blindly trust the advertising and fall for the bait of scammers.

Such days of the lunar cycle are generally considered unfavorable for any acquisitions. But do not forget that every lunar day has its own character and preferences. So, some days are favorable specifically for buying household appliances, others contribute to the successful purchase of a vehicle and so on.

If you want to know more about the mechanisms of the Moon’s influence on our purchases, read this article. And if you have focused on finding favorable days for purchases in February 2018, see the table below.

Shopping Lunar Calendar February 2018

Shopping Lunar Calendar February 2018

Here you will find the dates and the corresponding successful acquisitions. It is worth noting that there are also unfavorable days for certain purchases. In order to avoid them, we suggest you to take a look at our Lunar Calendar 2020 >>

02/1 -
02/2any purchases, especially toys (Christmas, erotic, children's), flowers, brandy, wine; tickets to vacation and all joyous and festive
02/3 small furniture
02/5sports equipment, a subscription to the pool, gym or payment for services provided by a personal coach; all associated with the movement - a bicycle, motorcycle, car, boat, horse
02/6transport and trekking equipment: tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, backpacks
02/7food, clothing, household items. Sweets, alcohol, holidays attributes; mystical attributes: rosary beads, statues of gods or some sacred objects
02/8sports equipment - weights, dumbbells, expanders, etc.
02/9whatever you want! Especially the long-awaited things
02/10purchases related to the sea or water: souvenir ships, shells, aquariums with its inhabitants, inflatable pools, life jackets, scuba, or even the toys for the bath; things designed to restore your peace of mind - books, aromatic oils sets, and everything that make you calm and happy
02/11 -
02/12inexpensive purchases
02/13all purchases - planned and spontaneous, expensive, and cheap
02/14 -
02/15 -
02/16useful purchases - everything that contributes to the most efficient existence in the society and makes your life easier
02/17sets of dishes, tools for working in the garden, all that can mean some "aggressive" utilization
02/18hygiene products
02/19everything, from household trifles to the real estate
02/20products for intellectual and creative activity (notebooks, sketchbooks, books, pencils, pens, brushes and paint, CDs with various music, tickets to the theater performance or to the museum)
02/21books, CDs with musical compositions, audio cassettes or musical instruments
02/22antiques, things that have already been in use
02/23 -
02/24family purchases: a house, a car, major appliances, anything aimed at raising of your family's well-being
02/25family purchases: a house, a car, major appliances, anything aimed at raising of your family's well-being
02/26objects related to fire: firecrackers, stoves, gas burners, candles, lighting fixtures and bulbs to them, cigarette lighters
02/27books devoted to the spiritual development - the sacred texts such as the Quran, the Bible; treatises on psychology, etc.
02/28purchase will be successful in case of the deliberate choice, with attention to quality and consultations with an expert

shopping lunar calendar Shopping Lunar Calendar 2020 is your guide to the world of shopping. Whatever you want to buy, the lunar calendar will advise you on a better date. You should be particularly serious preparing for the house, car, clothes for important events purchasing. Choosing the right day can help you succeed in all areas of your life. Start using the lunar calendar right now!

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