Астропрогноз на январь 2018

Astrology Forecast January 2018

Are you already feeling the surge of energy and power that saturates us in January 2018? The powerful energy flows of the persistent Mars, inspired Sun and magnanimous Jupiter are striving to Earth in an effort to fill each of us and give us a wonderful month with many achievements, creative implementation, and new productive partnerships. This is a month of activity, communications, decisive action, month of business, leadership, career and successful deals.

Astrology Forecast January 2018 – basic aspect:

Jupiter aspects January 2018Jupiter-Mars Conjunct patronizes any activity related to the transfer of knowledge and experience. Such as book publishing, teaching, mentoring, organizing cultural and charitable events. For those who rationally take advantage of the energy of the month, the aspect promises the growth of authority, the emergence of influential assistants and success in any endeavors. Be active and enterprising, communicate with people, share your ideas with them! January is the best time to realize your bold and ambitious desires!

Forecast for the first half of January

The first half of January 2018 is a unique time, because the planetary aspects are exceptionally favorable until the 12th. And they all are telling us about intellectual activity, the transfer of knowledge and experience, the conclusion of successful contracts and agreements. So, the Mercury-Uranium Trine will give us a lot of new useful acquaintances, it’s only necessary to make the first step to them. Sun-Jupiter Sextile will help to open a new business, start a project, release your own book or conduct a training course – for anyone who dares to try. Mars-Pluto Sextile will force us to strain, but only for good purposes – to implement constructive steps in business projects and lay the foundation for future success. And Sun-Mars Sextile promises to keep us all the time in an energetic and vigorous state. Do not waste energy in vain!

Don’t worry that you will not have time to rest. In January, there are two periods in which the skies advise to postpone all matters. And the first of them lasts from January 12th to 15th. The unfavorable aspects are activated: Mercury-Moon Opposition, Venus-Uranus Square, Sun-Uranus Square. All of them make us less responsible, stubborn, inclined to extravagant thoughtless deeds. During this period, it is better to avoid solving serious issues, business meetings, and, in general, communication with people, and also – extra expenses. Therefore, just enjoy privacy and peace, stock up on delicious food and spend time in pajamas watching your favorite movies 🙂

Astrology Forecast January 2018

Astrology Forecast for the second half of January

In the second half of January the Mercury comes on the arena. It is the patron of contacts, friendly and business connections, travel and business trips. Remember, Mercury is very intelligent, witty, sociable planet. It forms many positive aspects with other planets, again and again urging us to communications, public speaking, mentoring, and making partnerships. Mercury-Venus Conjunct promises success and adventure to someone who can become the “life of the party”. Mercury-Sun Conjunct advises to play intellectual games and promises new ideas. Mercury-Neptune Sextile exacerbates intuition and expands the boundaries of imagination, and Mercury-Pluto Conjunct gives oratorical talents … And all this continues until January 27th, so do not forget to realize everything you have planned!!

From January 27th to 31th the second unfavorable period of this month lasts. It is desirable to isolate from society and spend time in peace and seclusion. Mercury-Uranium Square will increase impulsivity and impracticality in us, Venus-Mars Square makes us more wasteful, and Venus-Jupiter Square aggravates laziness and striving for pleasures. However, if you plan your month correctly, distributing all the important business and meetings on the favorable days of January, these aspects will not bring you any significant negative.

So be active, energetic, courageous, make your ambitious desires come true, communicate, think and do not forget to rest! I wish you to squeeze the most out of this January! 😉

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