Selena – White Moon in Gemini

In each person’s natal chart, there is Selene – White Moon, which defines the best part of your soul. It is she who points the way to help you become better.

Omit analytic psychology, White Moon is the awakened self of man. It is his personality that makes him different from others, independent of the point of view imposed from outside. Thus, the Black Moon determines the unconscious (lunar) impulses of the human soul. Selena is the fruit of upbringing, education and conscious work on yourself.

The more a person strives for spiritual, the stronger his connection with the Higher Powers becomes. Likewise, the more he feels the support of the guardian angel (Selena).

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Selena in Gemini

Selena in the history

In Greek mythology Selene is the goddess of the full moon. Moreover, she is the daughter of Hyperion and Teyi, the sister of Helios and the goddess of the dawn, Eos. According to legend, the White Moon fell in love with the beautiful Endymon. He was the son of Zeus and the nymph Kalika. The young man lay immersed in eternal sleep in a mountain cave located in Caria. Some modern astrologers call the White Moon a hypothetical planet. She credited with the qualities that personify a bright, kind beginning in a person.

In classical astrology, Selene is a symbol of the full moon in the solar-lunar cycle.

Absalom Underwater calls the White Moon, or Tom, a point of the lunar perigee. A Black Moon, or Lilith point of the lunar apogee. So, they oppose each other, forming in the horoscope an “axis of the world perception”, or an “axis of the occult.”

The lunar apogee is the most distant point from the Earth’s orbit of the Moon. And the lunar perigee is the most approximate point of the lunar orbit. Let’s find out what features Selena in Gemini has.

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Selena in Gemini

17.06.1954 12:07:16 – 16.01.1955 13:17:07
17.06.1961 02:05:32 – 16.01.1962 03:15:24
16.06.1968 16:03:49 – 15.01.1969 17:13:40
17.06.1975 06:02:05 – 16.01.1976 07:11:56
16.06.1982 20:00:21 – 15.01.1983 21:10:13
16.06.1989 09:58:38 – 15.01.1990 11:08:29
15.06.1996 23:56:54 – 15.01.1997 01:06:45
16.06.2003 13:55:10 – 15.01.2004 15:05:02
16.06.2010 03:53:27 – 15.01.2011 05:03:18
15.06.2017 17:51:43 – 14.01.2018 19:01:34
15.06.2024 07:49:59 – 14.01.2025 08:59:51
15.06.2031 21:48:16 – 14.01.2032 22:58:07
15.06.2038 11:46:32 – 14.01.2039 12:56:24

Firstly, Selena in Gemini helps a person to communicate, learn. Secondly, it contributes to the proper use of the mind, healthy inquisitiveness and a wide range of views. This zodiac sign experiences pleasure from the very process of thinking. Often, this situation provides useful contacts with the right people. Therefore, it brings the individual at the right time to the right place. Man communicates well. So, other people experience empathy when communicating with him. The ability to express their thoughts, helps in building a career.

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Being manifested at an average level, the White Moon in Gemini helps people find the necessary information in time. As a result, the more attention a person gives to working with reliable information, the better his relationship with others becomes. In addition, no one can deceive or rob him.

People who have reached the highest level of manifestation of the White Moon have the ability to recreate entire systems of knowledge from isolated fragments of conflicting information.

If the signs Gemini and Capricorn are not affected in the horoscope, one can expect a good state of the mental and causal bodies.

Keywords: help in matters related to information, in contacts.

Karmic levels of Selena:

To sum up, let’s clarify the meaning of Selena in Gemini on the different karmic levels.

  • At the lowest level – ease in mastering knowledge. Fencing from gossip, deception. Luck in the sales. Obstacle in dishonest enterprises – their publication;
  • Middle level – respect for loved ones. Movable high intelligence. Friendliness in communication. Distributor of goal information;
  • Finally, the highest level – a conductor of esoteric information. Scientist.

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