best days to cut hair for growth

Best days to cut hair for growth – moon chart 2019

Are you dreaming of long thick hair and hope that a haircut will help you? Indeed, the favorable days to cut hair for growth exist. However, do not forget that the health and beauty of hair depending on the general condition of your body. Let’s get to the issue in a complex and consider how to restore your hair and make them grow faster.

Lunar days to cut hair for growth

This method is based on the use of the lunar calendar for the selection of successful dates for a haircut. The fact is that the Moon controls the growth of all life on earth – plants, their fruits, human nails and hair, and so on. Earth’s satellite will help you accelerate the growth of your hair if you cut them during the waxing phase of the moon.

In addition to phases, the lunar days themselves also affect our bodies. In the lunar cycle, they are most often 29, and each of these periods is endowed with its own characteristics. To get recommendations on haircuts for each lunar day and choose the best days to cut hair for growth, look at our Moon Calendar .

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Factors Accelerating Hair Growth

If you supplement a haircut on a favorable lunar day with other useful things, the effect will please you even more.

Our lifestyle strongly affect the hair growth. Sports, healthy sleep, proper nutrition greatly increase your chances of becoming the owner of long hair. You also need to take vitamins A, B, C, E. It is useful to pamper your hair with various masks. Components of such masks that can accelerate hair growth are tincture of red pepper, mustard, ginger, cinnamon. It is necessary to do a head massage, comb with a soft wooden brush. Be aware, that the bad habits and constant stress are your enemies now. You can also check an interesting article on hair growth.

It should be noted that all of the above procedures (and not just haircuts) can be planned correctly using the Moon Calendar. In our Moon Calendar, you will find tips for healthy food and workouts for each lunar day, favorable days to start a vitamins course intake, to make masks and other beauty routines. If you suffer from addictions, the Moon will help you get rid of bad habits.

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