lunar hair cutting chart

Lunar hair cutting chart – infographic 2019

Lunar hair cutting chart is a handy tool for planning your visits to the hairdresser. Since all living matter on earth is strongly influenced by the moon, the result of your haircut depends on the period of the lunar cycle. To take advantage of the lunar hair cutting chart, follow our step by step guide.

1 Step – Determine Your Goal

Before you do something, you should decide what result you want to achieve. (This, of course, concerns not only haircuts). Do you want your hair to grow faster, to trim the tips a little bit? Or strive for a neat haircut that will keep its shape for a long time? Are you going to drastically change your look and try something new? Or is it just a routine procedure?

It is important to understand what you want because the lunar hair cutting chart helps to achieve all of the above. So, to cut hair for growth is better on the waxing Moon. This phase accelerates the growth of all life on our planet. If you want to save the result of the visit to the hairdresser for a long time, it is better to choose a date on the waning moon. This phase “freezes” all processes and changes.

If you want to drastically change your look, it is better to do it on a new moon – the best period for new beginnings. But on the full moon, when we are subject to emotional changes, it is better to avoid serious changes, especially unplanned in advance.

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2 Step – Choose an Auspicious Lunar Day

Well, now you know what you want. Look at the lunar hair cutting chart infographic below and choose a good lunar day:

lunar hair cutting chart

You noticed that some lunar days I marked red as unsuccessful. Both on the waxing and on the waning moon there are those days, the haircut in which threatens to end with hysterics or bad consequences for your hair.

There are many auspicious days for a haircut in the moon calendar. However, if you are interested in learning more about this, you can explore the mood and characteristics of each of these days. Astrologers say that a haircut on certain lunar days can make a person richer or even improve his eyesight. You can find detailed recommendations for every day in our Moon Calendar.

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3 Step – Check the Lunar Calendar & Schedule a Haircut

After you have chosen the successful lunar days for your haircut, it remains to find out what dates these days fall. To do this, you need a solar-lunar calendar, preferably with an indication of the exact time of the beginning and end of each lunar day. You’ll have to spend a little time, checking, and then enroll in a hairdresser.

By the way, everything can be much easier. Our Moon Calendar can choose the best dates for your haircut automatically, you just need to tell him exactly what you want. Try it now! We wish you good haircuts, beautiful and healthy hair!

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