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What your birth signs can tell about you

Birth signs can sometimes tell more about a person than he knows about himself. Talents and weaknesses, health and illness, addictions and habits – all of this are encrypted in the date of the birth. And it is not limited to only one sun zodiac sign.

Each of us has several astrological signs: two star signs (sun and ascendant) and one lunar. In addition, birth signs include the sign of the Chinese horoscope and the numerological number of the life path.

Chinese horoscope birth signs

I want to consider them first because most often it is enough to know only the year of birth of a person to determine his sign of the Chinese horoscope. (I tell “most often” because the Chinese New Year comes a month after the traditional one).

According to the ancient Chinese myth, 12 animals came to say goodbye to the Buddha when he left the earth. Buddha generously thanked the guests, giving each of them the right to own the world once every 12 years for a whole year. It is believed that the animals came in this order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

Chinese horoscope birth signs

Naturally, this horoscope sign tells only about the general characteristics of a generation peculiar to a person as his representative. For example, people born in the Rat year are distinguished by vigor and maximalism. Those born in the Ox year have to work hard to achieve their goals; Pig ones are artistic and creative personalities.

Numerological birth signs

If you know not only the year of birth but also the full date of the birth of a person, we can consider more of his birth signs. For example, calculate his “life path number”. To do this, you need to add all the digits of the date of birth so that the result is one digit.
08/05/1991 = 0 + 8 + 0 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 33 = 3 + 3 = 6
I describe the meanings ​​of all life path numbers in detail in the category Numerology.

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Sun zodiac sign

And, of course, it’s enough for us to know the date of birth of a person to determine his sun zodiac sign. Most people pay attention to it, and not for nothing. The sun is responsible for our energy, the so-called vitality, our goals, actions, and manifestations in the material world.

That is, the sun sign tells you how much energy is in you, how you behave with other people, what spheres and things in life are of the highest priority for you. Astrologers say that people of fire and air star signs have much more “male” energy. Aquatic and earthy people have more “female” energy.

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Ascendant birth signs

The ascendant is the sign of the zodiac that ascends across the celestial sphere at the time of somebody’s birth. It is the ascendant who will tell you how other people see you, what are you in their opinion. This is the very first impression that cannot be made twice.

Since all of us are social beings, and often the whole story is tied on exactly how we see each other, it is useful to read horoscopes not only for your sun zodiac sign but also for the ascendant.

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Lunar zodiac sign

If the sun stays in each of the zodiac signs for about a month, the Moon spends in one place only two or three days. Thus, the Sun is responsible for what is in us more or less permanently, and the Moon – for everything changeable. The mood, emotions, feelings of a person are in her power.

To better understand your complex and multifaceted inner world, you should know your lunar zodiac sign and explore its features. In our Moon Calendar, you can get personalized advice on the sign where the moon was at the time of your birth.

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Lunar birth day

In addition, the day of the lunar cycle, on which a person was born, is one of the important birth signs too. The fact is that not only each lunar phase but each particular lunar day has its own special character. Tips for your lunar birthday in our calendar will help you understand what you should strive for and what to fear in life 👇

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