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Moon seasons infographic – stages of moon cycle

Since ancient times, people have noticed the connection of all life on earth with the moon. Since the moon phases alternate cyclically and regularly and are clearly visible to the naked eye in the night sky, our ancestors counted time, focusing on the Earth’s satellite. The first calendars, created by humans, were lunar calendars.

And this was great wisdom, because people could live in harmony with the moon, plan their affairs according to the peculiarities of the lunar phases. Thus, the waxing moon accelerates the growth and development of all life on earth (plants, animals wool, our hair, and nails). Waning moon – on the contrary, slows down and freezes all processes.

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4 seasons in nature, human life, and the lunar cycle

If you dig a little deeper, you can see patterns that exist for each stage of the lunar cycle. There are 4 such stages, which are also called moon seasons. Both in nature and in human life there are such seasons.

It is amazing! Everywhere we can find this number 4. We divide the day into morning, afternoon, evening and night. We divide the year into spring, summer, autumn, and winter. And our life also consists of 4 periods – childhood, youth, maturity, old age. And note that the meaning of the seasons of our life is very similar to the meaning of the seasons in nature.

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Spring, summer, autumn, winter as the moon seasons

Morning, spring, childhood – the period of a new beginning, full of hopes, desires, and plans. In the lunar cycle, this is the first week after the new moon. Astrologers call it a period of active internal action. This time is great for planning, setting goals, self-determination.

Day, summer, youth – the time of making dreams and plans come true. For the moon, it is a period after the first quarter and before the full moon or a waxing gibbous. This is a time of active external action.

Evening, autumn, maturity – time to sum up, to harvest, to see the results of our labors. In the lunar cycle, this period corresponds to the phase of a waning gibbous, passive external action, which is between the full moon and the third quarter.

And, finally, night, winter, old age – time to relax and self-reflect, a period of passive internal action. As on the phase of the waning crescent, which lasts until the new moon.

Moon Seasons Infographic

In the infographic below you can see how the moon seasons are distributed across the stages of moon cycle:

moon seasons infographic

Sometimes the moon seasons are distributed so that they include the new moon, the full moon, the first and third quarters. I believe that this is not worth doing, because these four phases have their own unique characteristics.

However, each lunar day has distinctive features – even those that belong to the same moon season. Therefore, of course, it is good to know the main stages of moon cycle, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. If you want to live in harmony with the moon, it is worth exploring the characteristics of each lunar day.

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