чакры в дизайне человека

Centers in your bodygraph – chakras in human design

The bodygraph centers are one of the main elements in human design. In fact, they are an analogue of the more famous Chakras, but it is interesting that the human design assumes the existence of 9 energetic centers instead of the classical 7. Human design tells us about the unity of the physical and spiritual. Therefore, the bodygraph centers are directly linked with the certain organs of the human body. Each is responsible for a certain spiritual constant of man’s manifestation in the external world, his interaction with the environment. So, having key information about each of the centers, you can read rave bodygraph and find out which organs of your body and aspects of manifestation in life need attention.

Bodygraph centers are the places of energy concentration in our bioenergetic system

What are the bodygraph centers responsible for?

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Head Center

Inspiration. Pineal gland. The pressure center, designed to explain the existing things.

Ajna Center

Thinking. Pituitary gland. The center of mental awareness.

Throat Center

Self-expression. Thyroid and parathyroid glands. Responsible for the metabolism and realization of man in the external world through action and speech.

G Center

Self-determination. Liver, blood. Center of determining the direction and love.

Ego Center

Ego and the willpower. Heart, gallbladder, thymus gland, stomach. It is a motor of the human body and soul.

Spleen Center

Health and Instinct. Spleen, lymphatic system. Responsible for physical awareness in the current moment.

Solar Plexus Center

Emotions and feelings. Kidneys, pancreas, prostate and the entire nervous system. The center of emotional awareness.

Sacral Center

Life force. Testicles / ovaries. Center of human sexuality.

Root Center

Stress. Adrenal glands. The second center of pressure, aimed at adapting to changes in the world around and responsible for the ability to evolve.

What to learn from the bodygraph centres?

read the bodygraph centres

Remember! Analyzing the rave chart, the main thing is to refrain from splitting into good / bad. So, if certain centers of the bodygraph are undefined, this does not mean that the person is deprived of appropriate spiritual aspects. On the contrary, it is open and free from prejudice, free from the program. This is the only way to achieve true wisdom. The same applies to the defined centers of the rave chart – they do not carry a negative context. The painted energetic centers give person a foundation, a support, something that he can rely on.

Therefore, be unbiased, like the undefined bodygraph centres, and confident, as the defined ones! And you’ll be happy 🙂

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