аспекты типов дизайна человека

The aspects of human design types

It’s no secret that each type of human design has a certain characteristic. So, it is based on the six main whales allocated by Ra Uru Hu in order to help everyone find harmony. Aspects of human design types indicate the best way to achieve it and the things that you should beware of, so called predispositions. If you want to read rave bodygraph most fully and accurately, do not dwell on the generalized characteristics of types. Understand each of the aspects described below.

“Do not take my word for it, check it out for yourself” – Ra Uru Hu

human design types

Human design types – main aspects

  1. Inner Authority

    To learn the human design type, we need to analyze the defined and undefined energetic centers of the bodygraph. As well as the defined gates and channels that connect them.

  2. Aura

    Human design identifies four types of auric bodies. They differ in form and behavior when they collide with other auras. Although the aura is a substance invisible to the eyes of most people, you can feel its effect and determine which human design type representative is in front of you.

  3. auric bodies types

  4. Strategy

    Strategy in human design is that model of behavior, which the person chooses to act according to his type and, at the same time, in harmony with the world around him.

  5. Not-Self

    If a person does not follow his Strategy, he runs the risk of falling into the state of his Not-Self – to experience a specific negative emotion, disharmony.

  6. Signature

    A person receives the Signature as the opposite of Not-Self, when he follows his strategy and lives his design properly.

  7. Question

    The question in human design is that mental focus that helps people of a certain type find themselves and achieve the self-realization.

Find yourself by using the aspects of human design types!


Actually, all the experimentation on the way to the deconditioning is about the accepting yourself as you are, follow the Strategy and get rid of the Not-Self. The path to harmony is often long and difficult! But the aspects of human design types make it more understandable, for which we are grateful.

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