Fishing lunar calendar

Fishing by the lunar calendar – how it works

Fishing lunar calendar is a convenient tool for choosing the day of the lunar month with the best catch. It’s no secret that the Moon influences many processes on Earth – tides, days of equinoxes, psychophysical state of people … Experienced fishermen notice that their catch depends on the lunar phase. So, how does it work?

1. The gravity and pressure

Naturally, fish are not familiar with the concept of astronomy, but gravity and pressure, which are controlled by the Moon, affect every living organism on Earth.

2. Ancient instincts

In addition, the behavior of the fish is determined by the instincts. By inheritance from distant ancestors who lived in the ancient ocean, modern freshwater fishes have been given the habit of adapting to ebbs and tides.

3. Light Source

And finally, the Moon is the source of light in the dark of the night. The amount of this light and the intensity of the water lighting depend directly on the current Moon phase.
fishing lunar calendar

How to choose the best fishing lunar calendar day?

Fishing lunar calendar is made according to certain regularities, taking into account all above mentioned factors of the influence of the Moon on fish behavior. The lunar month is conventionally divided into periods in accordance with the phases – New Moon, waxing Moon, Full Moon, and the waning Moon.

New Moon is the most unfavorable phase for fishing. Two days before it, the catch begins to deteriorate noticeably, and about four days after it, the activity of the fish is gradually returning to normal.

Waxing Moon is the phase in which the catch begins to stabilize. Two days before the first quarter it reaches a peak. This effect lasts for about four days.

Full moon in fishing is the most unpredictable phase. At this time, small fish often activates, and it repels the bait of the big fish and distracts the predators.

Waning Moon – here it is, the peak of a month’s catch! 🙂 And the longest! The best days for fishing begin two days after the full moon and lasts just over a week.

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Go fishing on the right lunar day and make friends envy your excellent catch! Good luck!

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