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Waning moon – gibbous, third quarter, crescent phases

Waning moon is the time from the full moon to the new moon. It lasts about 14 days and is divided into phases: waning gibbous, third quarter, waning crescent. The Moon has a very strong influence on humans and all our activities, and each moon phase has its own character and preferences. In this article, we will look at the features of the waning moon and its impact on human life.

Astrologers conventionally divide the lunar cycle into four seasons. Four is generally an interesting number, we can find it everywhere. There are spring, summer, autumn and winter in the year; in the day – morning, afternoon, evening and night; in human life – childhood, youth, maturity, old age. The waning moon corresponds to the second half of the lunar cycle, and its seasons are autumn and winter.

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Waning Moon – features of the Waning Gibbous phase (16th – 21st lunar days)

Waning gibbous is the period of the lunar autumn. It captures 6 lunar days, starting right after the full moon and ending with the Third Quarter. At this time, more than half of the lunar disk shines in the sky, and the moon resembles the letter “C”.

The mood of this phase is very similar to the mood of autumn, maturity, evening. Waning gibbous is the time to harvest the results of your labors, to celebrate it, to rest. During this period of the Waning Moon, you need to continue working at your usual pace, gradually reducing the load, analyze the first results. Rise above vanity, look at your life detachedly. This is the time of passive external action.

On a waning gibbous you should not start anything new. You need to have fun, praise yourself for the work in the first part of the lunar cycle. Treat yourself with something delicious.

It is good on the Waning Moon to get rid of all the excess. Declutter, abandon non-working approaches and bad habits, fire someone or quit, start a diet (but only after the celebration of the harvest!)

The lunar fall ends with the onset of the Third Quarter. This day is also great for a holiday and a feast, analysis of previous actions, work with information.

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Waning Moon – features of the Waning Crescent Phase (23d – 28th lunar days)

Waning crescent moon is the time of the lunar winter or night. This is a period of passive internal action, but this formulation does not mean at all that you need to idle.

Waning crescent is the best cycle time to sum up the final results. It is necessary to analyze yourself, your relationships, your business, your successes, and failures. At this time, it is useful to visit a psychologist or a coach, to undergo training on self-development, psychological tests in order to get to know yourself better. Do energy practices, meditations.

If you analyze the previous actions correctly and abandon the old non-working schemes, a lot of ideas for new projects may come to you on the waning crescent. Have a good brainstorm, unleash your creativity. Everything that originates in your head now can be successfully realized in the next lunar month.

Waning moon is slowly disappearing from the sky and people feel the outflow of energy and strength. The closer the new moon comes, the more a person wants to be isolated, reduce the number of contacts with people. This is quite a normal desire. The day of the new moon is better spent alone and ascetic, doing the cleaning in all life spheres.

In fact, not only each phase but every day of the lunar cycle has its own characteristics. Knowing them, you can act in harmony and lunar energy and get her support on the path to your dreams. You can find detailed tips for every day of the lunar cycle in our Moon Calendar:

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