fitness by lunar calendar

Fitness by lunar calendar

When to start fitness by lunar calendar?

Choosing a date to start workouts, whether you are going to take group classes or do exercises at home, it is worth considering the Moon phase. Astrologers say that the best time for any beggining is the beginning of the lunar cycle, 2 and 3 lunar days. However, do not worry if you can not synchronize your workouts with the New Moon. There are still many days in the lunar month, favorable for the beginning of workouts complex. Especially, if it’s a group classes, choose 10, 13, 17, or 20 lunar day.

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Loads of Workouts and the Lunar phase

Moon energy is directly dependent on the its phase. Since the Moon has a huge impact on all life on Earth, the level of human energy also depends on its phases. Therefore, there are periods in the lunar cycle that are favorable for increasing loads, and ones favorable for reducing them. In general, the waxing Moon is associated with increasing energy, so in the first two quarters of the lunar cycle, the load can be gradually increased, and in the last two, it is better to reduce it.

Life requires movement

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But, it’s not just so simple. As is known, there are several days in the lunar calendar, which are considered as heavy and unfavorable. Basically, these days are at the junction of the Moon phases changing. In some esoteric schools they are even called “satanic” lunar days. In fact, there is nothing satanic in them, but the lunar energy is so powerful and uncontrollable that not every person can cope with it. On such days astrologers advise not to increase the load, and sometimes even cancel all workouts. Unfavorable days are 9, 15, 19.

Fitness by lunar calendar – workouts types

In addition, each lunar day has its characteristics, according to which it is preferable to perform certain types of exercises. For example, to work with tendons, do stretching, static, and breathing exercises choose 7, 8, 11, 18, 25, 26, 27, 29 lunar days. The best time for water treatments is the 25 lunar day. On 12 lunar day, active exercises must be balanced by stretching and relaxing elements… And so on.

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