business lunar calendar

Business Lunar Calendar

When to open a business by the lunar calendar? How to correctly distribute business processes according the Moon phases? Today, more and more entrepreneurs are asking such questions. And they are absolutely right! After all, behind every great man there’s a great… astrologer 🙂 And if in the past only the greatest ones could afford the services of a personal astrological adviser, today everyone can turn to the Lunar calendar for advice.

Best day to start – Business Lunar Calendar

In the lunar cycle, there are several days that are the best for starting a business. In this case, we should clarify what is meant by the “Start” – is it about an idea’s birth, thinking through strategies, or directly taking action to open a business.

Of course, the best time for any beginning is the beginning of the lunar cycle, the waxing Moon. By opening the business simultaneously with the birth of the Moon you grab the advantage – the entire lunar month is ahead, and after the full moon there will be the first tangible results! Astrologers advise to devote 1 and 2 lunar days to developing a concept and strategy, setting goals, analyzing the niche, the target audience, finding funding. But 3 lunar day is the most successful for the first active steps in business – for example, for launching your website.

But do not despair if you can’t adjust to the beginning of the lunar cycle. There are still very good days for starting a business by the lunar calendar: 11, 20, and 24. Especially 24 lunar day, which often becomes the starting point for a large-scale successful project. These same days are favorable for entering a new position in case you work for someone.

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How to build your business in harmony with the Moon

When you build your business in harmony with the Moon, the flow of the Moon energy carries you to your goals faster. Do not go against the flow, take the chance to make your life easier!

In fact, fortunately, absolutely any day of the lunar calendar is good for business. The only thing is which business process to conduct on the certain day. For example, if you are interested in negotiating and signing contracts, choose 7, 11, 25 lunar days. For business trips, 3, 13, 21 and 28 lunar days are the best. If you plan to abandon old schemes, non-working tools, firing employees or general cleaning, choose 19 or 29 lunar day. 18th lunar day is perfect for communicating with existing customers, working on a membership site, and collecting feedback. 26 lunar day is great for checking out any safety issues such as office security system or keeping your clients’ sensitive data safe. And for the home office reorganization and new web technologies introduction, the 5th lunar day is great.

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Business Lunar CalendarBusiness Lunar Calendar Moon Organizer is the unique calendar, which takes into account the most complete list of business processes. Working on your financial portfolio, opening a business, expanding staff, office’s renovation, collecting and analyzing customer feedback, compiling reports, and even taking a vacation – picking a better date for any of your steps is easier than ever!

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