Full Moon August 3

Full Moon August 3, 2020 – Love Is All You Need

Sturgeon Full Moon August 3, 2020, will give us a huge amount of energy. And what we will do with it depends on our level of spiritual development.

First of all, I want to clarify some points, as I see many different forecasts for this Full Moon on the web. Many astrologers say that this will be a stressful and dangerous time, which may give you the impression that skies are plotting something evil against people. In such forecasts, Mars always threatens with aggression, injuries, and crashes; and Uranus is generally a villain of cosmic scales, a cruel and powerful destroyer.

I want you to understand: this is not true. Mars is a planet that is responsible for active actions. Without him, we would not be able to move forward at all, to strive for our goals, go in for sports, and so on. Mars gives you energy, and YOU manifest it at that level of spirituality at which you are. Accordingly, if you are at a low level, you take the energy of Mars and turn it into aggression, struggle, traumas.

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Uranus gives us the opportunity for development and change, and we would not have the Internet without him, and each new day would be exactly the same as the previous one. So if you hold on to your bad hated job, Uranus will take it away. And if you are at a high level of spiritual development, you will celebrate it!

The same applies to the upcoming Full Moon August 3. A waterfall of pure and powerful energy streams into our souls from the sky, but if we are not strong enough to accept it, we will manifest it in irritability and tension.

Sturgeon Full Moon

Super Powerful: Lions Gate and four planets in domicile

There are several reasons why this Sturgeon Full Moon will be particularly powerful. The first one is the fact that as many as four planets will be in their domicile at the time of the Full Moon. When the planet returns to its homeland, to its own zodiac sign, it acquires its own place of power, the opportunity to recharge and manifest itself in all its might. On August 3, the Sun in Leo, Mars in Aries, Saturn in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces will give us generous gifts.

Creativity and generosity, leadership and fearlessness, discipline and consistency, daydreaming and intuition… All of these gifts are under your “Christmas” tree, which will you choose? Or will you take everything?

Here is another celestial event, which gives special power to the Full Moon August 3, 2020. Astrologers call it the Lions Gate. Although the exact aspect will form only on August 8, we can already feel its impact. The Lions Gate is a cosmic phenomenon, during which the Sun is in the sign of Leo (its domicile), and the star Sirius comes closer to Earth and aligns with Orion’s belt. Since ancient times, Sirius has been called the Second, or Spiritual Sun, and it was also identified with the female part of the solar energy. During the opening of the Lions Gate, the Sun and Sirius are in absolute harmony and send an ocean of their sublime vivid energy and pure love to the Earth… They seem to hint that Love is All You Need.

planets aspects

Planets aspects during the Full Moon August 3, 2020

Let’s talk about the Full Moon itself. It will occur on the Leo-Aquarius axis, that is, the opposition of the Sun in Leo to the Moon in Aquarius will form. Hence, the main theme of this event is the balance between our personal selfish interests and the interests of our partners in all areas of life. Of course, at the lowest level of spiritual development, this topic is played out as a conflict, a quarrel, a break in relations. But what if we try to get higher? What if we remember what the Lions Gate tells us? What is the difference between our own interests and the interests of others? In the end, everyone needs only Love.

And the most beautiful thing about Love is that the more you give it, the more it becomes inside you.

Other planets are picking up on the aforementioned opposition. Evil and terrible A Good Wizard Uranus makes a square to the Full Moon axis. He spurs us on to destroy what has become obsolete. And don’t get me wrong. It’s not necessarily the relationship itself. Maybe you need to get rid of the habit of criticizing your partner, and, finally, start giving him love? Uranus will help you change everything, just decide what kind of change you want?

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Besides, Venus is under the double blow of aspects in the Full moon chart. As we know, Venus is also responsible for Love, close relationships, and material goods. And yes, if you manifest the energy of the Full Moon at a low level of spirituality, your relationship can be destroyed and your money can be lost. But you can take responsibility and use cosmic energies for the benefit of yourself and those around you.

Full Moon in Aquarius

Specific Tips

How can this be done? How to manifest such powerful energies given to us by the Space through high spirituality? Very simple. Replace:

  • Irritation with Acceptance
  • Aggression with Love
  • Fear with Trust
  • Resentment with Empathy
  • Sing the song of The Beatles “Love Is All You Need” all day long!

You might say it’s easier to write than to do. I understand it. Therefore, if you feel that negative emotions take over you and you are unable to transform them into Love, just freeze. Do not make any decisions on this day, do not communicate with people, spend time alone with yourself. Patience will pay off. Patience and Faith.

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