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Full Moon June 5, 2020 – the beginning of a new eclipse season

Strawberry Full Moon June 5, 2020, opens a new eclipse season. This time, the eclipse season will last exactly a month and end on July 5th with another lunar eclipse. Besides, an unusual phenomenon awaits us in the middle of this season – the so-called Black Sun, which coincides with the summer solstice. But we will talk about it in another article, and now we will focus on the upcoming cosmic events.

Eclipse seasons are always very important and have a significant impact on people’s lives. These periods are called fatal and karmic. What happens during eclipses is the will of Destiny itself. And the best that a person can do at this time is to surrender to her will, let go of control and listen carefully to what the Universe says to him.

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Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 5, 2020, and the lunar nodes axis

There are two steps to understand what the Universe says:

1. Read the Full Moon’s astrological chart.
2. Accept and analyze the events that happen to you on this day.

And I will help you with number 1.

The first important point that sets the mood for this Full Moon (as well as the entire eclipse season in summer 2020) is the lunar nodes axis. The fact is that they recently changed their Zodiac Signs, moving from the axis of Cancer-Capricorn to the axis of Gemini-Sagittarius on May 5th.

It is not in vain that the lunar nodes are called karmic. They are very important in the life of each person and humanity as a whole and symbolize Fate itself. At the same time, the Descending (Southern) node is responsible for our past, our experience, knowledge, innate skills, and characteristics. And the Ascending (Northern) node is our future, the direction of Fate, the things we should strive for, and to which the Universe is pushing us.

In fact, the topic of lunar nodes is much wider and deeper, but for now, we dwell on this characteristic and take a look at the features of the Gemini-Sagittarius axis.

The axis of the lunar nodes Gemini-Sagittarius is the axis of learning and the transfer of knowledge, the axis of the student and teacher. And I would even say that metaphorically this is not an axis at all, but a cycle:

the student learns and eventually becomes a teacher for others; and every good teacher is an eternal student who does not stop in development.

So, since May 5, 2020, the Descending lunar node is in Sagittarius, and the Ascending one is in Gemini. This shows us the direction of movement in the cycle for a given period:

The Teacher must be an eternal Student.

And the Full Moon occurs exactly in the sign of Sagittarius – the great Teacher, who tirelessly accumulates experience and share it with others. The atmosphere here is very active, inquisitive, adventurous. This is a sign of expanding borders, traveling in every sense of this word, and, of course, communication!

Planets aspects during the Full Moon June 5, 2020

Of course, in addition to the Moon itself, other planets — active participants in this eclipse — influence people and their destinies. This time Venus, Mars, and Mercury find themselves under the spotlights.

venus aspects

Venus in Gemini conjunction with the Sun

Venus (retrograde) is in Gemini and simultaneously in conjunction with the Sun (which is also located in Gemini). And their mood is very similar to the mood of Sagittarius Moon – sociable, easy, cheerful. Ease is in the air, people feel the need for communication and new acquaintances. This is the time of parties, exciting trips, pleasant conversations.

And all would be well if there were no negative aspects in the sky. The negative aspect is always a tension, a certain conflict of celestial bodies, which is reflected in the form of a person’s internal conflict.

So, Venus in conjunction with the Sun is in opposition to the Moon. Despite a similar mood, they have a conflict in the sky. Full Moon is always the opposition of the Sun and the Moon, our manifestation in society, and our inner, subconscious Self. This is a confrontation in which we can better understand ourselves and how we can combine these aspects of Self in harmony.

During the Full Moon on June 5, 2020, Venus, who is responsible for our values, for what we love, also does the opposition to the Moon. So here is the first question from the Universe:

how will you combine your social life, your values, ​​and your deepest Self?

mars aspects

Aggressive and absent-minded Mars in Pisces

In addition to opposition to the Moon, Venus, in conjunction with the Sun, also makes a square to Mars. Mars is responsible for the active actions, initiative, leadership qualities, the ability to defend ourselves, and move towards goals. As we already see, our values ​​and behavior in society will conflict with our ability to act. Or, rather, inability, because Mars at this time is in Pisces. He feels uncomfortable here, prefers to fantasize, and run away from reality into the world of his own illusions.

The Mars-Venus square often makes people more moody, lazy, wasteful. Instincts come to the fore, which means we tend to take too much food, alcohol and indulge in indiscriminate sexual relationships.

Also, Mars makes a square to the Moon – the symbol of our subconscious, our fears, childhood injuries, and so on. As a result, a person absolutely cannot act adequately, being scattered and clamped in a vice from all sides.

Why does the Universe do this to us? Why paralyze our ability to act and achieve goals? I answered this question at the very beginning. The eclipse season is the time when we must surrender and go with the flow of Destiny, watching where she wants to lead us.

When the wind fills the sails, you don’t need oars.

mercury aspects

Sensitive Mercury in harmony with Uranus

Now I want to clarify what “surrender” and “go with the flow” mean. By these words, I do not mean a complete rejection of any actions and undertakings. I mean, you don’t need to initiate actions from your own mind. However, if you suddenly come up with some kind of idea, insight, and you feel like you did NOT come up with this, but the thought was sent to you from somewhere above… This, most likely, is the will of Fate, its whisper, and hints to you.

Not without reason during the Full Moon on June 5, 2020, Mercury is in Cancer, and also in a harmonious aspect with Uranus. Cancer is a sign of empathy, intuition, extrasensory abilities. Mercury is responsible for our thinking. Uranus is also not deprived of intuition. Moreover, it has the gift of foresight in the field of innovation, technology, concepts of the future of human civilization.

We started with the lunar nodes axis’s tip. And it said:

The Teacher must be an eternal Student.

As you can see, Mercury complements this advice. Watch. Study. Feel it. Learn from the Universe itself. Share your knowledge with others.

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Who will be most affected by the lunar eclipse on June 5, 2020?

I am inclined to think that absolutely all people will feel this Full Moon in Sagittarius. However, it will become more important and fateful for the signs of the mutable cross:
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.

In addition, it can have a big impact on the relationship between men and women. After all, Mars and Venus also symbolize them, and during this eclipse, these planets will be in a negative aspect, in conflict with each other.

card of the day June 5 2020

Tip of the Lenormand Fairy-tales deck

I hope you have already received general trends and guidance from planets. In addition to them, I asked my Lenormand Fairy-tales deck for advice.

Card “BOOK” = “1000 & 1 NIGHTS”

In the classic Lenormand deck, this card symbolizes knowledge and learning, curiosity as the key to unraveling the secrets of being. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis was right, isn’t it?


In my fairy-tale version of the deck, this card expands its meaning. It shows us how knowledge, experience, and fantasy can be used for human survival. This is one of the Sagittarius images – a bard, a storyteller, a wandering singer who travels the world and is a carrier of legends and stories.

So, it is not surprising that this fairy tale fell out like advice for the Sagittarius Full Moon. You can re-read this tale for a deeper understanding. But, I think, the main idea is already clear.


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