the astrology of coronavirus

The Astrology of Coronavirus – Punishment? Test? Chance?

Coronavirus has taken over the information space in recent months. It has captured our minds, lives, and continues to destroy our nerve cells day by day. The panic seized the world, inevitably leading humanity to another crisis. What can astrology tell about this? Were there prerequisites for such a development? And the most important question – why did the Universe do this to us?

Today I want to shed light on coronavirus in terms of astrological teachings. And I want to tell you right away that the main purpose of this article is to help you calm down and increase your level of awareness. Therefore, exhale! 🙂 There will be no more horror stories.

What astrological events caused the COVID-19 pandemic?

For most people, the coronavirus epidemic began quite unexpectedly. Unfortunately, so far only a small percentage of people take astrology seriously. But the planets told astrologers everything a long time ago, and if people had carefully listened to the predictions, they could have prepared in advance.

By preparation, I do not mean that knowing about the impending pandemic, people would have bought food and medicine in advance. Astrology teaches us that all the most important thing happens at the energy level, and only then manifests at the material level. And below I will explain to you what does it mean in the context of the coronavirus.

The first cases appeared in China in December 2019. This coincides with the beginning of the eclipse season: the Solar eclipse in Capricorn occurred on 26/12/2019, followed by the Lunar eclipse in Cancer on 01/10/2020. The period of eclipses almost always marks a difficult time, devoted to getting rid of illusions, transformation, and extreme spiritual growth. I called it extreme because at such times the Universe makes us grow by force, pushes us out of our comfort zone, destroys and takes away what has become obsolete.

But that is not all. The eclipses season of December ’19 – January ’20 is very unusual. It coincided with the so-called “parade of planets” – namely, the conjunction of 7 (!) planets in the sign of Sagittarius. Astrologers metaphorically call such a large-scale event “Doomsday” or even the Apocalypse. This is such a cosmic explosion, enhancing the effect of eclipses in a hundredfold. Seven planets with different characters, preferences, and areas of activity came together to strengthen the Sun and the Moon! This time, in order to push not only individuals but all of humanity to spiritual growth.

Remember: the Universe cares for us, teaches us, pushes us to the right path. Therefore, absolutely everything that happens to us happens for the better. Always.

Now let’s look at the features that zodiac signs gave to these cosmic processes. This eclipses season occurred on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. This is the axis of responsibility and care, which teaches us to take responsibility for ourselves and the result of our combined actions as humanity. This axis teaches us to care both for ourselves and all life on earth. At the same time, the parade of planets took place in Sagittarius – the zodiac sign responsible for expanding borders and horizons, transferring valuable knowledge and experience.

Based on the above data, many astrologers predicted some difficult events that would cover the whole world, erasing the boundaries between countries. They said that to overcome these events, people will need to show personal responsibility and concern for others, as well as carefully choose the information that they share and in which they believe.

So why did the Universe send us such misfortunes and what really happens?

People die every day. And they died before. From cancer, from obesity, from the usual flu. At war. From the hands of the killers. Under the wheels of cars. From old age in their own bed. For some reason, we did not think about this before. And now the coronavirus has been inflated to the size of the most global problem of mankind. If you take an interest in statistics, you will find out that the mortality rate from COVID-19 is negligible compared to mortality from many other diseases.

The coronavirus is not so terrible as what people do with it.

The coronavirus pandemic is really terrible for humanity because of the people themselves. Look at us now. We were completely unprepared to adequately cope with such a simple life situation as an epidemic. We used the achievements of civilization not to solve the problem, but to sow panic. Panic can kill many more people than a virus. Anxiety is what begins on the energy level and manifests itself on the material in the form of a crisis and large losses.

Therefore, coronavirus is not the punishment of the Universe. This is a litmus test that showed the current level of human development. The Universe showed it tough because we did not take tender advice. She showed it to push us to development – each of us individually and humanity as a whole. For us to remember that we are one team. And yes, this is a chance, an opportunity to grow spiritually for each of us.

How to survive the coronavirus anxiety?

Understanding the essence of the phenomenon is the first step to recovery. I am not talking about physical symptoms, but about what is happening at the energy level. I told you about what the Universe wants from us. She wants only the best for us. But sometimes, a child must get burned to understand that he shouldn’t play with fire.

Therefore, the first recipe for tranquility is to trust the Universe. She will arrange everything in the best way. 100%.

The second step is to engage in your own development, your awareness, responsibility. The quarantine conditions that have now been introduced in many countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic are ideal for this.

ISOLATION. This is a wonderful word. In astrology, there is such a house – the 12th, associated with isolation. It is responsible for hospitals, prisons, loneliness. And its purpose is not to punish someone, but to give a person time and opportunity to think about himself. Do not be distracted by entertainment, movies, restaurants, talking with dozens of other people… You can listen to the inner voice only in complete SILENCE.

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Interestingly, January 2020 was marked by the epochal conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. Their vibrations remind us of an old wise hermit who destroys his inner world to build a new, more harmonious one.

How long will coronavirus last? Taking into account that the coronavirus epidemic began at eclipses, astrologers from different countries are unanimous that it will completely subside to the next eclipses – by June-July. Use this time for yourself to grow, to find harmony with yourself, the modern world and, of course, the Universe. This is exactly what we are working for 🙂

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