Solar Eclipse June 21, 2020

Solar Eclipse June 21, 2020 – The New Moon in Cancer & the Summer Solstice

June 21, 2020, is a truly magical day. Three astrological events, intertwined together, mark the beginning of a New World.

This solar eclipse is the central one in the summer eclipse season. The lunar disk will completely enter the solar one, this phenomenon will last from 9:15 am to 3:04 pm, while reaching its maximum expression by 12:10 am. June 21, 2020, solar eclipse completes the two years, and it is the last eclipse in Cancer in the outgoing cycle. This fact already hints at the energy of completion, purification, letting go of our past. And the fact that this eclipse will occur at the so-called “node of the future” symbolizes the door opening into a whole new world.

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New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon is always a significant event in astrology in general and in the lunar calendar in particular. Each time the new-born crescent symbolizes the beginning of a new life cycle. It is a very powerful time that knowledgeable people use for rituals of manifesting intentions, setting goals, and creating plans for the coming month.

Of course, in combination with the solar eclipse, the New Moon in Cancer on June 21, 2020, gains much greater power. I drew your attention to the Zodiac Sign, in which both the Sun and the Moon will be on this fateful day, not without reason. After all, it is the Zodiac Sign that sets the whole mood of the New Moon and eclipse; it dictates topics for study shows us areas for purification and renewal.

Cancer is a family, traditions, home, real estate, memories, conservatism, caring, emotional connection, empathy, sacrifice, emotionalism. This sign is related to the past. At the same time, the Moon in Cancer is in the most comfortable place for itself – one might say, at the peak of her strength. The talents that the Moon gives us grow and multiply under the influence of this Zodiac Sign. Namely – intuition, subconsciousness, sensitivity not only to people and events around but also to other, more subtle facets of reality.

sun aspects

Summer Solstice

The third event on June 21 is the summer solstice. We have already said that the New Moon in Cancer marks the peak of the Moon’s power; in turn, the solstice day gives superpower to the Sun.

It is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. The Sun illuminates everything – both literally and figuratively. In astrology, the Sun symbolizes our ego, our own Self with its boundaries, needs, rights, and desires. It is interesting when our self-willed ego falls into the power of the empathetic and sacrificial Cancer.

Here are the questions from the Space:

Is there a balance in your life between your ego and your loved ones, relatives?

How strong are your personal boundaries, and do you violate other people’s borders?

Are there any obsolete traditions in your family, your home, which it is high time to abandon?

(For example, see the story about cutting the ends of ham from generation to generation.)

And also, the astrological situation on June 21 reminded me of the recently released Ari Aster movie “Midsommar”. Note that this is a pretty cruel horror movie, and you do not have to watch it at all. But the psychologism shown by the director resonates with the theme of our real solstice very much. The main character in the development of the plot acquires a new, extremely empathetic family in which she can be the Queen (satisfying both the needs of the clan and her own ego). But for this, she must first get rid of the old “family” – friends and a boyfriend who do not understand her, relations with them have become obsolete.

I am not saying that on June 21, 2020, you must get rid of the old family and make a new one in the literal sense of the word. Here, most likely, we will focus on our attitudes, beliefs, fears, models of behavior and interaction.

planets aspects

Aspects of the planets – participants of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Other planets reinforce the same theme. So, for example, the Sun and Saturn are in the quincunx to each other. In astrology, quincunxes are one of the most mysterious and underestimated aspects. Its essence is the “insoluble” conflict between different spheres of life; its lesson is in the search for balance and prioritization. The Sun is our ego & freedom. Saturn is our obligation to others, a sense of duty. Cancer hints that by “others” we mean mainly members of our family, community, clan. Aquarius, in which Saturn is, is a great revolutionary and reformer specializing in the destruction of old systems and the creation of new ones. He tells us: change is not far off. His whisper is: start your own revolution, for a New World is coming.

Mars also gives us an anticipation of change. It makes sextiles to Jupiter and Pluto (both planets are in Capricorn). Pluto is an unexpected and fatal planet. In combination with Capricorn, it undertakes the transformation of large and heavy systems – such as education, medicine, etc. Jupiter is a well-known philanthropist who generously distributes gifts and pushes boundaries. He reassures us, giving a hunch that the new world will be much better than the old one, even though changes frighten us.

By the way, the Moon is also in sextile with Uranus. Uranus is an inventor and innovator, and now it goes through the sign of Taurus. Having all the input data, as a result, we get reforms in the field of energy resources, land, and the financial market.

June 21, 2020

Preparing for the transition to a new world

However, June 21 is not the time for action, quick steps to the future. The planets have told us about global trends that take some time to germinate. Of course, the new world will affect the life of each of us, and the eclipse brings changes in private lives to the same extent as in global world processes.

But everything has its time.

So, Mars is located in Pisces and is completely unable to act actively, productively, constructively. He is uncomfortable in this Zodiac Sign, which means that our ability to do something in the outside world is slightly disabled.

Also, Mercury retrograde in Cancer prevents us from directing a clear mind into the future. Under its influence, thinking is inferior to emotions; we become irrational and even immersed in the themes of the past.

The conclusion suggests itself:

The eclipse of June 21 was given to us to rethink our past life, which is necessary for the transition to a new world.

Tip of the Lenormand deck

Even though we already examined the tendencies of the eclipse and the New Moon, I decided to draw a card from my Lenormand deck as a piece of advice from higher powers.

Card: “MOON”


The Moon. Well, it is not surprising at all! Cancer energy speaks to us through it. The Moon is the queen of empathy and intuition. Its light is a reflection of sunlight, but it exists, and it is strong enough to influence all life on earth. The Moon is all about emotions, family ties, and especially about the mother. She tells us to analyze our past once again and let go of all unnecessary things. And also, perhaps, this card hints that it would be good to conduct some New Moon rituals on June 21 – you can find instructions for them here.

And, to always be aware of the Moon’s mood and enlist her support, take a look at our Moon Calendar:

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