Full Moon September 2 2020

Full Moon September 2, 2020 – Sensuality or Calculation?

Harvest Full Moon September 2, 2020, will be a highly unusual astrological event due to planetary aspects. This Full Moon opens the doors to the first month of autumn, the time to collect the fruits of our labors. Many nations celebrated the beginning of the new year in September. This month sums up the results of the past year:
you reap what you sow.

The Full Moon September 2, 2020, will occur in Pisces, further emphasizing the theme of harvest and abundance. Yes, the Zodiac Sign Pisces is more associated with fantasy, dreams, subtle sensuality. Nevertheless, the very symbol of Pisces from ancient times meant fertility, wealth, prosperity.

Actually, this Full Moon is built on this contradiction: feelings or money? Sensuality or Calculation? Fantasy or Logic? And don’t worry, this conflict only seems insoluble. Sky gives us all the answers, just look at the astrological chart.

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Full Moon September 2, 2020, unusual features

The theme I outlined above sounds on this Full Moon in as many as three oppositions between different planets. The term “opposition” speaks for itself. It means confrontation, an open struggle between two themes, meanings, spheres.

So, what makes the Harvest Full Moon unusual? On this day, we have a “medicine” for every opposition. This medicine, or advice from heaven to resolve opposition conflict, is the third planet. The third planet creates favorable aspects with each of the two opposing planets, reconciling them.

Let’s take a look at how this happens in each case.

planets aspects

Moon in Pisces – Sun in Virgo opposition

Moon in Pisces is our subconscious, the memory of the family, feelings, fantasies, fears, empathy. The Sun in Virgo is our material, logical, practical manifestation, rationalism, and skill. As you can see, this opposition is about emotionality and logic.

However, we can resolve this conflict. Uranus, simultaneously making a sextile with the Moon and trine with the Sun, saves the day. It is retrograde Uranus in Taurus, which says: take into account the mistakes of the past and do everything in a new way, take a non-standard, atypical solution for yourself in any issues related to your resources.

Mercury – Neptune opposition

It is very interesting because Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. It’s like the same opposition from a different angle. Besides the opposition of fantasy and analysis, we can see the conflict of mobility (Mercury) and passivity (Neptune).

The solution, in this case, is prompted by Saturn – retrograde Saturn in its domicile, Capricorn. He is extremely disciplined and loves to plan everything. He seems to be saying: schedule time for action and time for rest, and follow your plan.

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Venus – Saturn opposition

The same Saturn is included in the third opposition of the Full Moon September 2. This time, he is fighting Venus, an extremely sentimental and sensitive planet in the sign of Cancer. Also, Cancer patronizes the family and home spheres, while Capricorn is engaged in career and business.

Only Mercury in Virgo can resolve this conflict. He advises using logic, attentiveness, and hard work to reconcile home and career this September.

Isn’t it magnificent? We receive all answers from the sky – the main thing is to ask a question.

harvest full moon

Specific tips

Another little nuance. September 2, 2020, is the midpoint between eclipses. Astrologers call such days the days of freedom from karma. At this moment, you can do something completely unusual for yourself, change your life radically. Think about it and act boldly! But, get ready for surprises. If you want to surprise the world, be prepared for the fact that in return it will surprise you 😉

I drew a card from my Fairy Tales Lenormand deck to get additional guidance for all of us. This card is “Fish” in the classic Lenormand. In my case, it is the fairy tale “The Little Mermaid.”

Well, “fish” promises us both feelings and money. And the fairy tale about the little mermaid, if you remember, has two different endings. Happy (Disney) and unhappy one (H. C. Andersen). Which version of the tale will be yours on this Full Moon? It’s up to you. Watch a cartoon, read a book. You need to make your own observations and conclusions to understand how to apply this advice in your life.

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