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Get rid of bad habits by the lunar calendar

Bad habits: smoking, alcohol, medicines addiction, sweets to descrease the stress, the habit of postponing for later, the habit of agreeing to unnecessary offers … Looks familiar? The list of bad habits is actually very long and some items in it are not as obvious as it seems. However, all people have such habits – perhaps not completely “harmful”, but still undesirable. And you can and should get rid of such habits!

Get rid of bad habits – first steps

The first thing you need is to decide what habit you would like to throw away from your life. Realize it, deeply understand it – yes, there is something bad that I do not need anymore. I need to get rid of it. I really, really WANT it. In other words, set yourself a goal. It is best to write it down on paper and hang it in a prominent place. When there is a goal – half of the work is done!

… Yes, the other half is quite difficult. Sometimes, even painful. But do not give up! You CAN do it! Especially, if you enlist the support of an unusually powerful ally. An ally that moves the oceans with its energy, creating tides. The ally, which affects all life on Earth, from a small sprout to a complex human body. And this ally, as you already guessed, is the Moon itself.

Get rid of bad habits by the lunar calendar

When is the best time to start to get rid of bad habits by the lunar calendar? Such time, when the Moon in the flow of its energy is carring you towards a healthy lifestyle and does not give a chance to look back? The answer is simple.

The Moon phases set the mood for everything! On the waxing Moon, in the first two quarters of the lunar cycle, it’s good to start new things – those in which you crave multiplication, growth and development. Then, the “getting rid of” procedures are best performed on the waning Moon.

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In other words, get rid of bad habits by the lunar calendar on the waning Moon, after the Full Moon. Slowly disappearing from the night sky, the Moon will carry away your addiction, whatever it is. But do not forget about the rule of the waxing Moon, because instead of a bad habit, it’s better to start a new good one immediately. And it is better to create new good habits on the waxing Moon, just after the New Moon.

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Using the Moon Calendar for several lunar cycles, you will understand its logic and make sure that every lunar day with its character is in its own place.

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